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Dr. Salamone

“These values then get re-incorporated back into the language. ” Philosopher Ian Heath states this significance, “Meaning can transform the individual, while values can transform relationships (Heath). What this means for organizational leadership is that it is crucial to develop meaningful relationships to create values that can guide their members in a mutually beneficial environment. The last sentence written in the above paragraph is absolutely true.

This is because it is very essential for the employees working in an organization to develop relationships with the other members working in the organization either their subordinates or their boss. Without this, it would be very difficult for an organization to operate efficiently and effectively. It is vital that the relationships that develop in an organization must also be meaningful because if the relationships are developed just like that they would be absolutely useless. People should know the meaning and the importance of developing relationships and then how important each relationship is to them.

The importances each person allocates to different relationships that are developed in an organization are different just like we have different importance for people in our family. Therefore, it is essential to develop healthy relationships in an organization. This means that although there is a lot of competition in the organization amongst the employees but it should not be such that the employees plan out bad things against each other to gain popularity or importance in the eyes of the boss. This is not only bad for the reputation of the employee but it also bad for the organization.

In order to build healthy relationships, the organization must take certain steps. Some of the examples are mentioned below that are meant to provide an insight into how organizational design impacts its workforce and image and this would be explained by differentiating between the functional and team structure. If I were to choose between working for an organization that has a functional structure and another that has a team structure, I would you choose to work for an organization that has a functional structure.

Functional structure basically groups the employees together on the basis of the functions of specific jobs that are present within the organization while in the team structure the functions and the responsibilities of the employees are organized into specialized teams. (Bechthold & Schodek, 2007). I would choose the functional structure because of its various advantages. Functional structure reduces the duplication of personnel and equipment and I would be more comfortable with this structure as it gives more opportunity to talk in the same language with my peers.

Moreover, it acknowledges specialization thus making training easier. There is centralized decision making in this structure and it also provides a unified direction from the top management thus achieving excellence in communication and coordination within the departments. Functional structure also increases the quality of technical problem solving and this can be proved by the fact that it gives the workers fast access to the people who are well-versed in technical expertise. (Kaizenlog, n. d. ).

Organizational design is basically the process for integrating the people, information and technology in an organization and is used to match the form of the organization with its objectives and I think that the organizational design will be an important factor for me in making a choice about the type of company for which I would like to work because it would tell me what kind of culture is being followed in an organization and so I would be able to decide for myself if I would be comfortable working there or not and his information about a company can be found on the websites or one can ask the employees currently working in that organization who would give a better idea. Adidas, IKEA and Barwill are some renowned organizations that follow the functional structure while the example of an organization that follows team structure is RadioShack Corporation.

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