Dr Pepper: A Powerful Competitor in Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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I. Factual Summary:

Dr. Pepper is the chief rival in the non-alcoholic drink industry. Their broad scope of merchandises is the key to their continued success ; by giving consumers assortment. Dr. Pepper besides remains profitable by keeping a strong trade name images and relationship with its consumers. Their chief clients are big retails shops like Wal-Mart and Target ; every bit good as convenient shops.

II. Problem/ Opportunity:

Dr. Pepper has the chance to ramify out in the sports/energy drink market.

The job is the high degree of competition. Red Bull and Monster already possess a great trade of the market and are well-known through stigmatization and advertizement.

III. Alternate Solutions:

a. ) Launch an energy drink and rely on the already bing relationships with sellers and consumers to do a net income. Use originative advertizements and mottos to vie against the competition.

b. ) Create an wholly new niche of merchandise to stand out above the crowd. The merchandise would necessitate to be focused around the 18-25 age scope ; since that is where the market is seeing the most gross revenues.

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Besides. it will necessitate to plan to suit into the “on-the go” life style.

c. ) Focus on current merchandises ; and non venture into the athleticss drink genre. To avoid a possible loss of net income ; Dr. Pepper could waive establishing a new line in an already competitory market.

IV. Selection Solution:

Dr. Pepper can establish a new drink that is protein filled. New to the shelves this merchandise will pull the athletic consumer every bit good as those on the spell lifestyles that are looking for a healthier drink pick.

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Dr. Pepper can still bear down a higher monetary value than Gatorade. and reach the same mark market ; since this is an wholly new construct.

V. Conclusion

The U. S. athleticss drink market posted entire retail gross revenues of $ 7. 5 billion in 2006 and a year-over-year growing rate of about 13 % . Dr. Pepper decidedly needs to be portion of this merchandise class. By lodging out above the crowd with the protein filled drink. Dr. Pepper will non be straight viing against Red Bull or Monster. but will still hold a presence in the wellness witting market. Dr. Pepper can utilize in topographic point relationships and strong trade name image to its advantage while establishing this new drink. It is of import to aim the right market with this merchandise ; which would be the 18 to 25 age scope.

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Dr Pepper: A Powerful Competitor in Non-Alcoholic Beverages
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