Dr. Adler’s New Vision for New York Medical College Essay

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Dr. Adler’s New Vision for New York Medical College

Quality education plays an important role in the development of an individual, as well as in any field of profession. In relation to this, quality education entails that it could adapt to the changes that happen through time. This kind of adage is most applicable in the field of profession that involves the welfare of other people especially when in comes to their health. Being the case, medical schools should also do the necessary steps in order to enhance the quality of education that they render to their students. In line with this, the new vision of Dr.

Karl Adler tends to address such changes, which makes it a sound proposal to improve the performance and contribution of New York Medical College to the students and the society. Dr. Adler’s new vision involves affiliating the New York Medical College with Catholic universities in the New York metropolitan region (Klein, n. d. ). Personally, I believe that this proposal could indeed become very beneficial for the college, as well as for the university that they will be affiliated with. Pursuing this plan can help in addressing the problems that the college is currently experiencing.

First, during the recent years, the college has been experiencing a deficit because of the unstable financial condition of the hospitals that it is connected with. As a result, the college is having difficulties in managing their finances. An affiliation with a university that has more students and greater sources of budget could aid this problem. Second, working interdependently with a university will also give way for greater grants that will help primary care doctors in their training (Singer, 1997).

Lastly, New York Medical College is among the last colleges that have not been declared as a university. Establishing partnership with a university will give the students of the college an exposure with other fields like law, sociology, business, and other things available in a university. In the same manner, the college will also gain a chance to study medical intensive areas of study. The new vision of Dr. Karl Adler is indeed a sound proposal that will greatly contribute in addressing the problems of the college as well as making it a better educational institution.

He exemplified a proactive and effective leader thinks of ways in order to adapt with changes. The concept of quality education could be fully realized in his plan because as Dr. Adler said “by working closely together we’ll make New York Medical College stronger” (Klein, n. d. ). References Klein, M. (n. d. ). New President sets course for medical college. The Journal News. Singer, P. (1997). Grant Helps to Ready Primary Care Doctors. Retrieved February 11, 2009, from http://query. nytimes. com/gst/fullpage. html? res= 9B03E6DB103EF935A15753C1A961958260&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss.

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