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Down: Personal Life and Time Essay

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In college it is easy to stray away from the main purpose, which is having a higher education. College years are supposed to include fun but not too much fun. There are many ideals to consider when trying achieving success in school. They way students manage their time and consume energy has an effect on the outcome of their success. Relaxation also plays a significant role in the turn out of school. The way I schedule my time will benefit me in the long run.

I must set a schedule that gives me my daily routine and the time it has to be done.

Even recording the time it takes to do it will help. Giving myself free time will allow me to still maintain my grades. For example, if an emergency were to occur, I would have time to fix the issues and still return to my studies. Another contribution is having ways to conserve energy. Sleeping for the right amount of time always seems to help me stay refreshed and rejuvenated.

Sleeping allow you to be more alert in class and make better grades in class. The right foods will nourish my body and allow healthy benefits as sleep.

I also try to find time to exercise at the YMCA for at least an hour. If I do not go to the YMCA I try to walk in my down time. Exercising will put the body in shape and keep my blood pumping, which is always healthy for the heart. Exercising moves the muscles so that I do not become weak overtime. If I do not use them I will lose them. The people that students surround themselves with will either help them or deteriorate their outcome in school. Throughout life they will encounter those who are there for a reason.

It is their job to determine what that reason is. If they put themselves with people who only do bad things and have no set goals, you are bound to be like them. Of course no good would become of that. If they only hang around those who do good deeds and set an example of what an ideal student is, then you are likely to do so as they do. Students must find ways to relax and have a stress free college life. The other ideas that I mentioned earlier could assist with this like time management and energy level.

How can someone have a stress free life? Well, in my opinion, I do not believe it is all the way possible to absolutely no stress whatsoever but there are ways to reduce it. These ways include staying out of drama. I try to make friends and always understand others point of view. By doing this, it lowers the chances of disagreements and fosters a better campus life. If grades and classes are what are stressing me out, then I enhance my study habits or find creative ways to know the material I am struggling with.

If students have great ways to improve their chances in college then they will always help a little more than before. It will let them have the opportunity to say not only did they graduate but they did it with the least amount of struggle possible. College life may be simplified having a time plan in which things should be done, reserving energy and making sure one is stress free. These tactics will make a student a better person who has general success.

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