Down Goes Banking Up Comes Problem-Posing Essay

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Down Goes Banking Up Comes Problem-Posing

In the article “The Banking Concept of Education,” Friere claims that the teacher and student’s relationship is fundamentally narrative in which the students are somewhat being trapped in the system of “Banking Education”. Freire goes on to say that education is suffering from narrative sickness, which means that information is being repeated constantly to the point where it has no meaning to it or that it is lifeless. “Students are becoming alienated when learning time is being generated from the teacher,” Friere argues. Students are becoming machine-like-creatures because they are not engaged into the lesson. Friere writes that “four times four is sixteen…The student records, memorizes, and repeats these phrases without perceiving what four times four really means” p.318.

Students are too simply just repeating what they are told, but they really do not have an explanation or an understanding as of why the answer is that specific answer. Also the student works on storing the information that they were given, this causes their critical consciousness not to develop at the normal pace. I agree with Freire on this issue. A solution to this issue would be the Jasperian “split.” Instead of students taking mental notes, they could wright questions in regards to the lesson. For example, if I am writing an essay I would not just being aware of the essay I am writing but also questioning, why I am doing so.

Overall I believe that “The Banking Concept” is rendering our development as students as well as teachers. It has caused many students to not think outside of the box, but to make them become a receptacle to be filled with narrative information passed on from our teachers, Friere explains. Teachers also have grown to become the superior opposite to the absolute ignorance of their students, but just like how the teacher can teach a student, the student can educate the teacher as well. This concept has made much of our generation into the norm. We need to think outside the box and to transform our generation into what we want to become of it.

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