Douglas MacArthur Essay

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Douglas MacArthur

Is Douglas MacArthur a true American hero? Just who is this man that is so famous in our American history books? Douglas MacArthur, who eventually trained at West Point was born in the year of 1880 to a military family. His dad was Lieutenant General Arthur MacArthur Jr. , a man that raised a son who looked up to him as his own hero since he received the Medal of Honor. Douglas MacArthur also looked up to his grandparent, who was in politics which gave his grandson direction being so close and familiar with important men who influenced our nation.

Douglas MacArthur who lived in various places during his lifetime before serving in many wars, such as World War II. Little Rock, Arkansas and San Antonio Texas were just a couple of places he resided before becoming famous for serving in France as a Chief of Staff member who was assigned to the forty-second Rainbow Division where he was promoted to Brigadier General where he was later given the title “Division Commander.

” He was a leader who wanted his men on the forefront of fighting and went down in history as a man who loved to fight. I admire Douglas MacArthur for his strong views and being a man who was a strong leader instead of a follower. He was a influential person who will always be admired, respected and talked about in history classes across a strong America. A place that Douglas MacArthur firmly believed should be fought for.

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