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*Doorbell rings*

“What took you so long to open?” asked Vikram as he entered the house.

There was no reply from Neha as she followed him in the living room

“I am so tired today, you know we finally got that client from Bahrain,” says Vikram as he sits on the sofa.

“That’s good news” says Neha

“I know right, we should go out and celebrate. Where is Pihu?” he asked looking inside as he takes his shoes off.

“Are you alright?” asked Neha

“Yes, absolutely. Pihu? Where are you?” he calls for her still looking inside.

“She is doing her homework” says Neha

“There you are,” says Vikram as he stands and hugs Pihu coming out from her bedroom

“What homework were you doing?” he asked

“Mathematics” she replies silently.

“Do it later, we all are going out tonight?” he says in an excited tone

“No Vikram, Pihu has a school tomorrow. She has to wake up early” replies Neha

“That’s alright, she can bunk tomorrow.

“No, she can’t. And anyway I have already made dinner”

“Okay. Can we at least call for some ice cream, what say Pihu? Mango ice-cream?” he asked

Pihu looks at Neha and says nothing.

“Why are you standing there? Come and sit here” says Vikram tapping on his phone.

Neha walks and sits next to Vikram on the sofa.

“How is everything in school baccha?” asked Vikram after a while.

Pihu stays quiet and looks at Neha.

“Is something wrong? She seems lost” asked Vikram

“She is just tired” replies Neha

“Ok. I will wash my hands and then we will have dinner” says Vikram as he stands up

“Since when you started buying me aftershave. You know I never shave” says Vikram looking at a bottle of aftershave in the cabin.

There is no reply from Neha, after a while Vikram comes back and sits with her.

“Come Pihu” he extends his hand but Pihu remains still with Neha.

“Go” whispers Neha as Pihu walks to him.

As they walk towards the dining table, the doorbell rings again

“That must be your ice-cream, god they are quick” says Vikram

Neha opens the door as Vikram and Pihu walk towards the dining table.

“Who is it?” asked Vikram sitting on a dining table

“What are you doing here?” Asked Ajay as he barges in while Neha tries to stop him

“What?” replies Vikram

“Can’t you leave us alone?” asked Ajay

“Are you drunk?”

“What you want? We are really tired of you” says Ajay

“Ajay let it go” pleads Neha

“Stay in your limits Ajay, I will kick you out in front of this little one” screams Vikram as he stands from his chair

Pihu runs towards Ajay and hugs him shakingly. Neha walks towards Vikram but now he is too furious to listen.

“It’s alright Pihu. Papa is not fighting.” Ajay tries and consoles Pihu

“How dare you call yourself her dad? Come here Piku” Vikram screams again as he walks towards Ajay

“Come here” says Vikram as he holds Pihu’s hand

Pihu holds Ajay tightly and refuse to let go.

“Leave her hand Vikram” says Ajay as Pihu starts crying.

“Let her hand go Vikram” shouts Neha

“Leave her I said” shouts Ajay as he slaps Vikram.

Ajay carries Pihu in his arms and takes her to the bedroom and Neha follows him, while Vikram stands there unmoved.

“There was no need to raise your hand Ajay when you know what he is going through” said Neha

“It has been 2 years since you left him, I can’t let this suffer us anymore” said Ajay

“His Alzheimer is at worst, Ajay”

“I am done with his shit Neha. Did he start with Bahrain story again?”

“Yes he did, and you want to know why?” says Neha furiously

“Yes, please tell me why” asked Ajay

“Because that was our last good memory together before his blackouts started” replies Neha

Doorbell rings again

Neha walks out but could not find Vikram on the dining table. She opens the door.

“Mango Ice-cream Ma’am” says the delivery person

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