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Doomsday Preppers

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (484 words)
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I decided to make the bunker out of my basement measurements. I added some shelves and space for some supplies that are essential to living for at least a week down in this bunker.

Also, I tried to keep a lot of space open, so we don’t trip on anything in case of an emergency. Also, I tried to keep things very simple because it is good to keep things organized in case this becomes an actual problem. I needed to clear what used to be a closet into a bathroom space.

I tried to keep the bathroom space separate because of the horrible smells it is going to give out after a week of being down in the bunker. I put a living room space in the middle, so it is easy to gather around and still be a family down in this bunker. We have some couches down in our basement, so I think it would be nice to spend as much time together as we can down in this bunker. My basement is a very spacious place which makes it easier to place things around.

I purchased a ton of food to snack on for this week, but no big meals because it gets really expensive. I also purchased some cleaning supplies in case the bathroom situation becomes a very messy and disgusting place. A first-aid kit is essential because in case some drastic thing happens, a first aid kit ust might save a life. I bought a plastic bin for the pee to go in, and some plastic bags for the waste. It may not be the cleanest way, but it is the cheapest,easiest way.

A battery operated radio will allow you listen to emergency messages that may save your life. I chose my gadget to be a Jetboil cooking system that can allow many cheap canned goods to be heated up easily. This could help make meals last much longer. I also bought a water barrel that has 52 gallons of CLEAN water. This could last my family a week, easy. I had to fit my dog into my plans, and he will Just stay in a kennel ownstairs. I also bought him some cheap tuna that he could live off of for the week.

As for his poop and Pee, he will have to be quickly trained to poop and pee into/on a plastic bag. If he does not, we can easily pick up the waste for the week. The pee may be a harder subject, but if he has an accident, we have cleaning supplies to help clean that up. I bought duct-tape to seal all the windows shut very tightly to make sure little radiation can seep through the windows. If it gets dark at night, I bought a flashlight. As you can see, I got it pretty covered for any emergency for a nuclear disaster.

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