Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover Essay

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Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover

He may be looking corny by wearing bulky goggles or a lab coat, but Dr.Horrible isn’t what he seems. Dr.Horrible is, for one, determined. He has set a plan on how to get himself into The Evil League of Evil by assembling his Freeze-Ray and defeating his nemesis, Captain Hammer. But before he is able to assemble the Freeze-Ray, he has to steal the final “ingredient”, the Wonderflonium. Which leads me to Dr.Horrible’s second characteristic, jealous. After bumping into Captain Hammer having to save Penny’s life, both his nemesis and love falls in love, which is the reason why he has the characteristic of being jealous. The end is where Dr.Horrible receives his final characteristic, evil. He not only defeated Captain Hammer, but he has killed Penny. Because of these acts, he is finally accepted in The Evil League of Evil. Dr.Horrible may look corny, but he definitely lives up to his name, horrible.

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