Don’t Blame the Eater Essay

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Don’t Blame the Eater

Most people know what they are doing by eating fast food, unhealthy food. People must understand and make it clear what is most important for them and for their kids. They have to keep them safe and think about future life. But what happened with personal responsibility? What about government responsibility? I think this is a big problem today and it needs to be fixed. The solving of this problem will help people to feel better and live longer. In fact, I believe, the people of America and government have to be responsible to try to fix it.

Everybody loves to eat tasty food, don’t you or who doesn’t? When I was a kid, I would come from school and could smell my mom’s delicious pies. I even remember their pleasant fruit smell. There were so many kinds of them; they were with blueberries, strawberries, bananas and many others. But even of that time, I also remember, my mom always was trying to buy healthy and fresh food. Every morning she made me a snack with a lot of fruits, vegetables and also put a small chocolate candy for my dessert in my backpack.

On the other hand, not all parents think about what their kids will eat during the day. All grownups are busy and they just giver their kids some money to go eat on their own. Children are buying what they want, for example, candy, chocolate and burgers, what is not healthy again. I think, this is biggest mistake of parents, because kids don’t care about food, they don’t have enough knowledge to understand, what is good, what is bad and not healthy for them. So with time, it could be dangerous for their lives, when people are not trying to fix this problem.

At the same time, to consider unhealthy eating isn’t just parent’s problem or mistake, how I said before. It is all of American culture of eating and State in general. It’s exactly government problem too. Just think what you are watching on TV in the advertisements. All the time, every day, there are so many choices of fast food, fried chicken or pizza. The government needs to balance this problem, find the alternative and escape from it by right decision. If you decide to buy a grapefruit for your lunch, you probably could not find it in the city. Everywhere are fast food restaurants. For example, one week ago I went to the city and I was so hungry, I was trying to find a good quick food, but I couldn’t, so I got burger from McDonald’s. What does it mean?

All these reasons have to be fixed or eliminated by government by putting more information to the people about what they exactly eat, how the food was prepared and etc. People need to watch more advertisements about healthy products and know how low-fat food will help them in their lives.

Of cause, some people will not agree with me, but I don’t want to give my kids to be sick from unhealthy fat food at the future. People have to teach their kids from the beginning, try to explain them, what is better to eat every day. If this does not make, next generation will be in much more danger.

Very often someone could think eating fast food is not a big problem either. However, I don’t agree and I want to be healthy person and it’s true that something needs to be change. The government has to solve that problem by opening more stores with a lot of different kinds of food. For example, it could be small fruits and vegetables groceries with many kinds of salads, whole wheat toasts, vegetables and fresh juices, where each person can buy his lunch. Also the government has to help people to make it easier and quicker by the right way. But does government really do it? It is a good question. The administration of America does not pay enough attention to the health of Americans. The Ministers often think more about benefits of sales fast food, because it is working very well, rather than on changes in the diet of citizens. This huge problem remains unsolved and will remain so, if people do not want to eat healthy food and do not want to be healthy too. It’s all depends on the morality of every person, as each of us builds his own health and own life.

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