Donald Trump Entrepreneur Essay Essay

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Donald Trump Entrepreneur Essay

Donald Trump is a world acclaimed businessman who has inspired millions of readers to succeed, myself included. I chose to write his biography because I was enticed by his trials and triumphs in the business arena. I admire him for his courage in venturing to different businesses and writing books that share the most useful tips about business and success. He embraces the “never say die” attitude which led him to where he rightfully deserves to be—at the top.

He operates vast numbers of businesses and realties which do not only regularly place billions of dollars into bank accounts; these business ventures also won him friends who have become dear to his heart. Moreover, aside from being a business magnate, he has also become prominent in the entertainment world through his appearances on the television series The Apprentice. Introduction Donald John Trump was born on the 14th of June, 1946 at Queens, New York. He is the second to the youngest child of Frederick and Mary Trump who were blessed with five children.

His father, well-known in the field of real estate, influenced him to undertake the same line of business (Blair). Donald Trump’s undergraduate career can be read on his book entitled Art of deal. Trump stated: After I graduated from the New York Military Academy in 1964 I flirted briefly with the idea of attending film school… But in the end I decided real estate was a much better business. I began by attending Fordham University… but after two years, I decided that as long as I had to be in college, I might as well test myself against the best.

I applied to the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania and I got in… I was also very glad to get finished. I immediately moved back home and went to work full-time with my father. ” His father really played a great part in the formation of his career as a businessman. However, what set him apart from his father was that Trump had greater goals and plans for their business. Donald Trump focused more on the real estate business which was his father’s preferred field for him.

After graduating from college, he was able to expand their realty business and encourage his father to use more loans liberally to support the Trump Apartment (Blair). Trump’s Business Secrets Towards Success Knowledge, courage, and hard work made Donald Trump succeed. Coming from a wealthy family, he was not given the responsibility automatically by his father. He needed to study and work at the same time to pursue his goals in the real estate business. All of Trump’s hardships paid off when he established an array of businesses not only in the United States but over the world.

Currently, he specializes in permutations of real estates and hotels. He is the owner of hotels in Las Vegas, Chicago and New York (Trump Website, 2008). He also owns golf clubs set in Los Angeles, Bedminster, Westchester, West Palm Beach, the Canolian Islands, and Scotland (Trump Website, 2008). Casino resorts in Atlantic City and the Canolian Islands are also part of his businesses (Trump Website, 2008). In the entertainment world, Donald Trump presently stars in the television series The Apprentice which he also produces. As the owner of the National Broadcasting Company, Trump also manages the Ms.

Universe and Ms. America pageants. He is really successful in all the businesses and deals he ventured into, including his food, beverage, jewelry, and home furnishings businesses (Trump Website, 2008). Donald Trump was able to write books that challenge not only the people who are into or are interested in business, but also those who want to succeed. His books reflect his life and all his downfalls and how he was able to recover from those. His financial struggles can be read in his book entitled The Art of the Comeback (1997).

In this book, he revealed the hardships that he experienced during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. The book shows how he made the most remarkable comeback in history. He was able to recover and earn as much as three billion dollars. All of his successes are a product of his excellent skills in decision making and maximizing profits. The Uniqueness of Trump’s Businesses Good business is made possible by a responsible businessman. I look up to Donald Trump as a model businessman because of his distinct qualities that make him shine in any field.

His companies have a greater edge as compared to other real estate firms and entertainment networks because he is investing much in his every business, each of which guarantees the quality of services to the people. Trump’s guiding philosophy in life is to love what you are doing. This will surely has paved the way to his success. His businesses are all a result of Trump’s passion because they were established not only through investment but also through knowledge and handwork. Summary Donald Trump is a passionate businessman. He is not easily discouraged by his downfalls.

He rises immediately after one great fall by not giving in to failure. Because of his determination and hard work, he became a brilliant marketer and business developer who employs unique business strategies. He is not a selfish person because he puts his experiences and practices into words so that other people may learn from it. The fruit of his labor are his businesses which are still successfully operating until now. His reality TV show also emphasizes what a businessman should be. Learning about the success behind Donald Trump has instilled in me a very important value.

I learned that a business, for it to succeed, does not only need effective corporate strategies and profitability of products and services. It also requires offering everything you can give and exhausting all possibilities in order to become successful. Works Cited: Blair, Gwenda. The Trumps: Three Generations That Build Empire. United Kingdom: Simon & Schuster 2003. Trump, Donald. The Art of the Deal. New York: Random House Inc. 1987. Trump Donald. The Art of the Comeback. New York: Random House Inc. 1997. Trump Website. “Donald Trump. ” Trump Organization. 20 May, 2008 <www. trump. com>.

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