Donald Trump and Immigration

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In the podcast Pod Save America, entitled “Last Call For Democracy”, the hosts Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor speak freely and somehow in depth about the immigration policy that has been controversial and horrifying people all over the country, they also briefly talked about the Mueller investigation about Donald Trump’s involvement with Russia to discredit Hillary Clinton, and in the last segment, David Fahrenthold, the journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize, is invited to talked about his report about the Trump Foundation.

There are two topics that received more attention in this podcast, the immigration policy and the truth about Donald Trump foundation.

Immigration has always been a topic of conversation in the United States of America. Today, people that are trying to seek asylum by crossing the Mexico and United states border, face this policy that have been separating families. Children including infants, that do not have the legal age to be criminally prosecuted are being kept in accommodations that people has described as cages.

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One of the hosts uses a quote by Senator Chris Murphy that summarizes the situation happening at the border, it says “The president of the United States has stolen two thousand little children from their parents and locked them in cages to be released only if the congress gives them money to build a wall to Mexico” (Murphy qtd. in Pod Save America). The three hosts all agree that the Trump’s administration is performing child abuse, and they are not respecting the human rights at the border.

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As an example of the cruelty that those children are going trough, they played an audio that was recorded by ProPublica in one of the detection center, and people can hear clearly the cry for help and for their families. The hosts were not intimidated, and kept using examples and names while describing the situation. One of them recalls that Secretary Nielson is pretending that she is unaware of the situation, and by this insulting people’s intelligence, while playing games (Pod Save America).

Trump’s administrations is not to blame, they are only using an existent policy, is what they say. According to President Trump, the Democrats are the ones to put the blame, in an interview he stated, “I hate the children being taken away,” “The Democrats have to change their law — that’s their law.” (Trump qtd. in Davis). According to Julie Hirschfield Davis, a White House correspondent at The New York Times, the new administration is misrepresenting the policy, stating that there is no existent law that says to separate children from their parents when crossing the border, and that old administrations had made exceptions for travelers that had a minor with them (Davis). In the conversation is evident that none of the hosts actually believe in any of that, in fact, they admit that there is a policy, however, during old administrations, they rarely target families for prosecution. Those families trying to cross illegally, they were sent to immigration courts, and released after approximately 3 weeks until the court figure it out whether keep them here or send them back. Today, the policy has not changed, however, every single person that is trying to cross the border, has to be criminally prosecuted, and that is why families with children were kept apart (Pod Save America).

Fortunately, the media had an important role by keeping this situation alive in the news, with exception of Fox channel, which is covering and lying in favor of what was being done to those families, exclaimed one of the hosts. How about the people? What could be done about this? They discussed how America was responding, and approximately 66% against 27% of the people are against, and these numbers were basically the same for all pols. According to the podcast hosts, Senator Dianne Feinstein, which is a senator from California, introduced a bill that will make illegal to separate family members entering the country. It seems that all the democrats are on board, but not even a single republican supported. This bill will have exceptions, the families would only be separated if the child had been trafficked or abused by the parents. According to CBS news, the response from the president was that “he would be open to a bill that aims to keep families together. All they have to do is call us”(Khatami). Again, Favreau, Lovett and Vietor think that this is only one way that President Trump as found to obstruct the justice, and the people as given him the wall that he has fought so hard to get, but this is just to cruel.

In the next segment, David Fahrenthold, which is a reporter for the Washington post, was invited to talk about the report about Trump’s Foundation, which was the winner of the national Pulitzer Prize in 2017. During the conversation, Fahrenthold explained that the curiosity about Trump’s Foundation occurred when he was working for the Washington post, following Trump somewhere in Iowa. During one of Trump’s appearances, Fahrenthold says that the Trump did something really weird, he stopped the rally and said that he would give some money, bringing to the stage officials from the local veterans charity, following by a big check with the foundation name and the slogan of his campaign “Make America Great Again”. This was the action that catches Fahrenthold, because it is illegal to use charity money to buy things for yourself or to support a political campaign, his own campaign. Therefore, Fahrenthold started investigating where the money was coming from, who else is receiving the money. The truth is that Donald Trump has a found rising for veterans, meaning that others people’s money with Trump’s name attached coming trough his foundation (Pod Save America) The New York State Attorney General filled a suit against Donald Trump and his three eldest kids. The host Tommy Vietor asks for David Fahrenthold help to explain how serious this is. Fahrenthold explained that there are two levels to this that people have to understand. First, the Trump foundation is a complete scam, through which Donald Trump makes suspicious contributions, and the second level is that “Trump Foundation isn’t much different from everything else Trump did during his business career. The only reason nobody knew what the Trump Foundation really was before Trump ran for president was that no one had bothered to look” (Fahrenthold qtd. in Waldman).

To sum up, the material presented had a flow, it was somehow connect, and it was well covered and discussed, there is a lot to take in. Each topic has its own complexity, and putting them together could be overwhelming for those that are not familiar with it. Also, Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor had the same opinions, as well has the guest, it could be interesting to listen to a debate with someone with a different background. The overall podcast was well presented, with topics that catch the public attention. Throughout the conversation, the hosts used a significant amount of examples to support their opinions, and also to give a better understanding to the public.

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