Donald Duk is the story of a boy pertaining to terms of his identity as an American with Chinese descent and heritage. Donald felt that most Americans are prejudiced against Chinese so if he were to become American, he needs to decline his Chinese identity. Yet, in the house, his moms and dads likewise detest American culture. He started to be interested of his Chinese heritage because of the Central Pacific Railway, which belongs of the Transcontinental Roadway built mainly by the Chinese immigrants.

Upon checking out Donald Duk, the interesting points of research study consist of the migration of Chinese to the United States, the response of Americans to migration as well as the existence of bigotry and the way in which brand-new generations of Chinese-Americans handle issues of culture and identity. Lay out for the Paper I. Responses and ideas on “Donald Duk” A.

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Reactions to “Donald Duk” B. Literary Worth of “Donald Duk” II. Concerns Dealt with by “Donald Duk” A. Identity Crisis B. Chinese Immigration C. Racism in the United States

Conclusion: How young Chinese-Americans in the United States Offer with identity and cultural concerns. Annotated Bibliography Chao, R. K. (2003 ). Extending Research on the Consequences of Parenting Style for Chinese Americans and European Americans. Child Advancement, 72 (6 ), 1832-1843. Chinese moms and dads do not understand how to deal with the pressures and identity issues that beleaguered their children. This journal article checks out the concern and provides useful recommendation for Chinese-American families. Chin, K. (1999 ). Smuggled Chinese: Clandestine Immigration to the United States.

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New York: Temple University Press. This book chronicles the history of Chinese migration to the United States. What the immigrants carried out in the United States and how they were brought there. This book can help provide background details about Chinese immigration. Chinese American People Alliance. (2008 ). 65th Anniversary of Repeal of Chinese Exclusion Act. Retrieved 9 February 2009 from http://www. cacanational. org/. The Chinese Americans Citizens Alliance is a great source of truths and data worrying the experiences of Chinese Americans in contemporary United States.

In addition to this, they may also have historical background and further information, which may serve as primary data for research. Rothstein, E. (2008). Museum Review: Seattle Asian Museum Moves Around the Corner and Into Its Identity. The New York Times, May 31, 2008. Retrieved 8 Feb 2009 http://www. nytimes. com/2008/05/31/arts/design/31muse. html? scp=2&sq=chinese%20american%20identity&st=cse. This museum review presents some information about Chinese and their role in the development of Seattle. The museum and the article, too, helps one understand the accomplishments of Chinese and Asians in the United States.

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