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"Don't Let it Show" by Randy S. Boucher: an Inspiring Autobiography

The sad truth about Don’t let it Show by Randy S. Boucher is that it shows great potential yet doesn’t live up to it.

The book shifts from an inspiring and fascinating autobiography to an angry rant of a man frustrated by both his difficult childhood and the way people mistreated him for his sexual orientation.

Randy is noticeably discouraged by his past, and it’s easy to understand the reason why: He was born to an alcoholic, depressed mother, who did not want another child.

Randy was born prematurely due to his mom throwing herself off a flight of stairs in an attempt to get rid of her pregnancy.

After his rough childhood, he endured many years of rejection and discrimination, including his brothers rejecting him for being gay, as they believed it to be a sin against the Lord.

Don’t be fooled, though: This story is not all tears and sorrow. Randy found happiness by his husband’s side: Aaron is truly the rock that supports him, and I found their relationship incredibly sweet.

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If you are a big romantic at heart as I am, you will go ‘aww’ during several sections of this book.

So far, these would be the elements of an excellent autobiography: A protagonist dealing with his personal struggles and even offering advice to his readers, relying on his own experiences.

The problem arises when one notices just how violently angry he seems to be against nearly all of society: An example of this is how he refers to vaginas with derogatory terms from the very first pages of his book.

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I understand he’s homosexual and is not attracted to the female body, but antagonizing an entire gender seems counterintuitive to his message of accepting oneself and others

Another noticeable problem with Don’t let it Show is the lack of any professional editing. The author overuses punctuation marks to the point of exasperation: I found myself struggling to follow the story’s flow because of the constant commas added unnecessarily to the text over and over again.

For all the reasons stated above, I rate Don’t let it Show 2 out of 4 stars. I wish I could give it a higher rating, as I genuinely wanted to enjoy this autobiography, but the reality remains that its flaws more often than not outshine its virtues.

I would not recommend Don’t let it Show to kids or people who get easily offended by coarse language, as the author has a bit of a dirty mouth, or in this case, a dirty pen.

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