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Domino’s Pizza India Now Accepts Credit Card For Delivery!

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Domino’s Pizza, a leading food brand and a market leader in the pizza home-delivery segment in India, is trialing credit card payments over the phone, for home delivery of it’s delicious and hot pizzas.

This move comes as an attempt to making ordering your favourite Domino’s Pizza even more easy and convenient. With the help of PayMate, India’s leading mobile payments company, Domino’s Pizza customers can now pay for their pizzas through credit cards, while placing the order over phone.

Mr. Harneet Singh Rajpal, Vice President- Marketing, Domino’s Pizza India said “Payment through credit card has been a latent need of our customers and with the launch of this new service, which is powered by PayMate, on trial basis, we believe that our customers would find it even more convenient to order with us. We are delighted to provide this service to our customers.” This service is on trial in select Domino’s outlets across India.

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It will start in Noida and Mumbai before being rolled out across the country.

How many times have you been stuck at home, too lazy to go out and with no cash in your purse? How nice would it be to get a quick a solution to hunger without hunting for cash or burning your fingers at the stove? The next time you are hungry and crave a bite into a cheesy pizza, there will be no need to look for cash at home, run to the nearest ATM or burn your fingers at the stove.

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Just order from Domino’s using your credit card and have a hot tasty pizza delivered right at your doorstep!

About Domino’s Pizza India

Jubilant Food Works Limited (JFL) is primarily a food-service company and currently operates Domino’s Pizza stores in India. The Company is the market leader in the organized pizza market with a 50% overall market share and 70% share in the home delivery segment in India. Domino’s Pizza focuses on a home delivery oriented business model, which offers its customers the convenience of eating in the comfort of their own homes and workspaces.
JFL operates its stores pursuant to a Master Franchise Agreement with Domino’s Pizza International, which provides it with the exclusive right to develop and operate Domino’s Pizza delivery stores and the associated trademarks in the operation of stores in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
For more information log on to and

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