Dominos Pizza Essay

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Dominos Pizza

Visit Domino’s web site and examine the order placement and Pizza Tracker features.Then answer the following questions: 1. What steps does Pizza Tracker display for the user?How does the Pizza Tracker improve the customer experience? 2. Would the pizza Tracker service influence you to order pizza from Domino’s instead of a competing chain?Why or why not? 3. What improvements would you make to the order placement feature ?

The First Question
(1)The steps that Pizza Tracker display for the users are:
Order placed, preparation, bake, quality check and out for delivery. Just as the illustration shows

How the tracker works(information from the Internet):

(2)How the Pizza Tracker improves the customer experience:

Previously,consumers regarded ordering pizza as an emotional roller coaster. Specifically,there is a big high when the family decides to order pizza. Mom and dad don’t have to cook! Kids don’t have to eat their parents sub-par cooking! Maybe it will be a movie night, too! Yay! Fun! Then there is a huge crash after the pizza has been ordered. Unlike the restaurant experience, no waiter is stopping by to refill your drink, hand you crayons and a coloring sheet, update you on your order status.

The Domino’s Pizza Tracker was designed to remove the emotional where-is-my-super-yummy-cheesy-pizza crash and keep the whole family up and happy from that “Let’s order pizza tonight !” moment to when the doorbell rings. In conclusion,The Pizza Tracker was designed to provide the customers with actual information about where the pizza is in this carefully timed process. Therefore,the Pizza Tracker can ease our impatience while we are waiting for the pizza.What’s more,it Builds the harmonious atmosphere as if we were in the restaurant.

The second question
No,I don’t think so.There are two reasons.
Firstly,when it comes to the food,the very factor I take into consideration is the taste.There’s no doubt that within the Pizza Tracker service,it’s much more funny when we’re waiting for the pizza.But that’s not the very thing I care for.I will compare the different taste of different brands,such as Domino’s,Pizza Hut and others,to make my choice.

Secondly,even if the Domino’s is my prior choice,I would not order my pizza only from Domino’s.Is the Domino’s Pizza Tracker Real?Or maybe it’s just a programme setted before.There’re several examples indicated that “The Tracker is a fraud”. In a rambling online post, a man insisted that, despite the tracker’s insistence that his pizza had been successfully baked and cooked to perfection, Domino’s had left numerous messages on his voicemail explaining that his order could not be filled because the store had run out of dough. Well,let’s suppose that the Domino’s tracker is real.We can’t make sure that the delivery men and technology play nicely.Though the technology is sound,there’re something else we need to take into consideration.

The third question
In my perspective,the improvement should be focus on supervision. According to the text book,some franchiseese fail to use the system.Those take up the system could not obey the rules perfectly.For example,the pizza has not sent into the oven,but it’s shown that it has done,which would arouse the customers complain.

The difference between and www.dominos

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