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This paper checks out the various kind of Information System, Domino’s Sizzles utilized to avoid losing its market share. The Transaction Processing System, Management Information System, and the Decision Support Group. Each of this Information System has actually been proved very beneficial in increasing the consumer’s complete satisfaction towards Domino’s Sizzles service. Together with these systems, they likewise have actually software named “Pulse” which assists them to increase their sales. This software application maintains and handles functions in each of the dining establishment of the Domino.

Another strategy Domino did is by developing Online Tracking System with an Online Purchasing System in it.

This case research study discuss about Domino’s pizza and how details systems have assisted in development of its company. Lots of pizza shops have presented house shipment system and Domino’s pizza. When a survey was performed about house delivery system, Domino’s pizza home delivery was thought about the worst amongst all others.

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Domino has had the biggest market share of pizza in any U.S chains, so it was stressed over losing its market share due to its rivals. For that reason, it has planned various strategies to enhance its business. It has used different type of info systems as follows:- 1) Deal processing system:

– The point of sales system records purchases and payment at a place where items and services are bought and sold utilizing computers and other digital gadgets.

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The consumers’ order is the input, it is kept in the database, and size, order of pizza, and shipment information and customer details are the outputs. 2) Management information system:-.

– Input is from TPS and its processed and the output is amount of components utilized, time required to make a pizza, shipment distances, consumer group information and employee efficiency and so on

3) Decision support system.
– Input is from TPS and external sources, it analyzed, and output is sales information per menu product and examining the past sales data to the present one.


These systems have helped Dominos in increasing its sales. Pulse is software developed for this purpose was an important asset in maintaining consistent and efficient management functions in each of its restaurants. It has proved clear and analysts’ accept the fact that technology is working to cut costs and improve customers’ satisfaction. Dominos’ has also developed online tracking system, which also includes an online ordering system in it.

The system allows customers to watch a stimulated photographic version (graphically also) of pizza with size and toppings and sauces used of their desire. Once customer places an order, he can track its delivery using online tracker. As dominos’ completes each step of its order fulfillment a section of its bar becomes red. Even customers who placed order through can track their pizza using the tracker online. In 2010 dominos’ has introduced an online polling system to get feedback from its customers regarding pizza and employee services provided and many other things from its stores.

Finally, these systems have proven to be useful in increasing customer’s satisfaction and business too. These systems have improved to execute its operations faster than its rivals in the market. Even though pizza hut and papa johns have online ordering system they lack in online pizza trackers and simulated pizza tracker system which dominos’ has implemented successfully. Today online ordering in dominos account for 20% which shows an increase compared to less than 15% in 2008. This shows that the information systems implanted in dominos has led to development and sustainability among its rivals in the market.






Founded in 1960, Tom Monaghan together with his brother started the company by purchasing a single store in Ypsilanti Michigan. The company slowly grow, and by 1978, Domino’s had 200 stores. Today, the company is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and operates almost 9,000 stores located in all 50 U.S states and across the world in 60 international markets. In 2009, Domino’s had $1.5 billion in sales and earned $80 million in profit.

With its great progress, Domino’s was involved in a heated battle among prominent pizza chains, including Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Little Caesar. Pizza Hut is the only chain larger than Domino’s in the U.S., but each of the four has significant market share. Domino’s also competes with local pizza stores throughout the U.S. To gain a competitive advantage, Domino’s needs to deliver excellent customer service, and most importantly, good pizza.

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