Domestication Essay Topics

The indian and the horse

In the United States today people from all corners of the earth come together to form a melting pot. It can be described as a mesh of diversity which melds together to form a unique nation. The uniqueness of this country can best be attributed to by the contributions made by each of the different… View Article

Domestication of Dangerous Dog Breeds

Since the beginning of earliest civilisation, man has relied on and surrounded himself with animals, for both assistance with labour and companionship. The phrase ‘man’s best friends’ is often used to described one of the most loyal and popular of these animals, the dog. Yet, in recent years, under the continued influence of rising dog… View Article

Paleolithic to Neolithic change over time

During the sixth century in India, an Indian prince named Siddhartha Gautama renounced his status and wealth in order to become enlightened. After becoming enlightened he announced the principals of what he believed was going to be the new way of life, Buddhism. Some many years later, Buddhism found its way into China. And while… View Article