Domestic Violence On Ray Rice Essay

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Domestic Violence On Ray Rice

For I would think that Ray Rice was waiting for the elevator as it opens, a woman shoots past me with cries, clear fresh opened scars on the face. I see an angry Ray Rice out of the elevator. I would respectfully ask him about the situation with the woman. The first thought in my head is domestic violence. I wouldn’t of reported it right away in his face, but I certainly would question him. After I get the answer I will seek out for the victim, call the local police and identify the man known as ray rice after confirming watching the tape. The societal impact would be tremendous. NFL superstar in a domestic violence case. The NFL should have an uprise on it’s domestic violence policy, it should not take a very graphic video to get the NFL to do the right thing. For too long in the NFL has had this form of playbook when it comes to players who commit domestic violence. For I would think that Ray Rice probably just lost his temper, as I saw it in his face. I also saw a form of remorse at the press conference when he apologized.

Did it really take a two game ban, suspension, and a release to feel some type of remorse? I don’t entirely agree. I think, I believe it was just a case of losing someone’s soul, Ray Rice snapped. In the 1990s, NFL players were charged with domestic violence more often than with any other crime. Yet again, the NFL took no action, and if players were cut by one team after being arrested, they were often quickly picked up by another. Some of these cases involved allegations. I’m sure the NFL has suspended indefinitely players who has a more cruel video tape of evidence. The NFL is in desire need of male leadership when it comes to violence against women. In the wake of the Rice video’s release, the owner of the ravens sent a letter to stakeholders that outlined mistakes, apologized and promised a better response in the future. In this society, we have to open our eyes think affect of long-term, in this case, domestic violence because we cannot let these situations get over hyped and out of control of the situation and the individuals involved as well.

The short-term attention and never hinder the long-term effect on this society on how it viewpoints an organization. Ray Rice can use this experience to help him as a spokesman for domestic violence cases when this situation goes down. Ray Rice was talking at the press conference about how he let his mom, wife, daughter, wife’s parents and teammates down. It was a big mistake for conflicting his anger on his wife on that night. He wanted to get some help on his actions. I think that he could of think first before he react to it. I think his fiancée shouldn’t keep on provoking him and thinking that he wouldn’t do anything to her. In this situation, it should of have stopped from the beginning where they got into a huge argument. When you get into an argument, it can lead to another whole level. The only thing he can do right now is to fix himself together and realize how he took his rage on something where he could of told his fiancée to slim down and let’s work it out somehow. The law in this society is, do not put your hands on a woman.

Because men are stronger than a woman. And there’s no reason to put your hands on a woman. When Ray Rice finished beating his fiancée up, the elevator opens and you can see he drag his fiancée out of the elevator, left her there and didn’t bother carrying her out of the elevator. So of course, when he went to court the judge will think he didn’t really care about her at all. Ray Rice didn’t acknowledge the fact that his way was drunk and she needed to cool down for a Sec. They should of taking this situation where they can solve it another way, then going to court, going to hail or even get suspended from the NFL. For each of the situation, I think they could put Ray and his fiancée in a rehab or an anger management center so that it can help them out throughout the process. If you can tell how the judge and the NFL have taken it too far from the situation. Instead of him going to jail, he could’ve been on probation and learn from his mistakes.

The NFL and the teammates can help him to accomplish his goals by talking to him, explaining how to not put your hands on any type of women, focus on his anger so that he can control it. Mange throughout the whole year without any domestic violence. Now he needs to learn that one day his daughter will find out the truth about how her mother and father got into an argument and it lead into a serious thing. She will think that her father and mother could of done something different to solve this issue. She might be scared of her father because of what he has done to his fiancée from the past.

Men shouldn’t put their hands on a woman and a women should put their hands on a man. The whole purpose of this incident was to take control on everything. It doesn’t matter how mad you get or how bad the person you love gets you steaming hot. There shouldn’t be any domestic violence at all. When you notice that there’s any violence around, have you think that it will affect the other part in society as in little kids and at school. Society needs to understand on what should be done with domestic violence. What need to take care of so that society can be a better place.

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