Domestic Violence Low Social Status of the Family

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In Relationship level, a connection between child with family, friends, intimate partners or peers may impact the child of becoming a victim or culprit of savagery. e.g.: having violent friends may influence a young person to engage in violence or becomes a victim of violence. e.g: violent parental conflict, low social financial family status, friends that engage in violence, forced marriage, household savagery. Individual level, the personal history and biological factors influences how individuals behave and increase their livelihood of becoming a victim or perpetrator of violence.

Viciousness at individual level incorporates casualty of child abuse, psychological or identity disorders, liquor and or substances abuse and history of behaving aggressively or having experienced abuse. e.g: individual poverty, education, history of violent behaviour, age or sex, alcohol or substance abuse, victim of child abuse, disability status.

Violence can be seen at different phases at: Parental and birth as female foeticide, death and injury Early childhood ( 0-9 years) as toxic stress, destitute childhood advancement results Middle childhood (5-9 years) as injury, misery and anxiety, poor education outcomes 
Early adolescence as alcohol, drug, addiction, post traumatic disorder, suicide  adolescence as alcohol, drug, addiction, post traumatic disorder, suicide, disorder eating, self harm, unintended pregnancy, STD/HIV.

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Key discoveries of UN Secretary General Report on Violence against Children focussed on violence which happens in every nation in the world. It saw that violence affects children across class ethnicity, education status

. The central message of study is no violence against children is reasonable anagainst children is preventable.

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According to a study, 250M children do not meet their development potential by 5 years with a percentage of 60% or more in Myanmar, 40-59% in India, 20-39% in China, less than 20 % in Russia and about 20- 65% school age children have been verbally or physically abused in 30days. Introduction to Global strategies for preventing and addressing violence against children are:

  1. Secretary General study on violence against children
  2. studies conducted in numerous nations to report violence against children, physical violence, sexual violence.
  3. SDG’s can be utilised as sense of objectives that international community is setting and goals which can be quantifiable and which sets exceptionally clear benchmark for states.

Some of the critical targets are: SDG Target 5.2 address the urgency to eliminate all forms of violence against women and children. 
SDG Target 5.3 provides the target eliminating all harmful practices like forced marriage, Female Genital Mutiliation. 
Target 16.1 address the violence resolving all the forms of violence and death rates. States are obliged to gather information on forms of violence and death rates and to ensure that.

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