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Domestic Violence Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (354 words)
Categories: Domestic Violence, Essay, Marriage, Psychology, Society, Violence, Violence Against Women
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Domestic violence is defined as acts of physical and/or psychological violence committed by one partner or on to another. Though committed by both sexes, men commit the majority of domestic violence acts. While efforts have been made to prevent men from engaging in domestic violence, these efforts have yet to make a major effect on the rates of violence against women. This is because these efforts often involve reversing long-held cultural and societal beliefs.

Given this situation, violence against women will likely continue despite best efforts to decrease women’s vulnerability to such acts unless male risk factors and protective factors are addressed. While general risk factors exist, such as age and familiarity with the person, the majority of perpetrators have adopted behaviors, either learned behaviors or societal beliefs that increase their likelihood of committing domestic violence. Previous acts of violence against women is often the biggest predictor of whether or not a man will commit an act of violence.

For example, men who commit rape are likely to have done so multiple times.

That’s why individuals with a history of physical violence are more likely to commit future acts. Men who hold traditional gender role beliefs, (men as breadwinners; women should stay at home) and adapt to masculine norms (men need to be self-reliant; have power over women) are more likely to commit violence against women. Men who commit acts of domestic violence are likely to have experienced acts of violence against themselves, so they redirect their abuse to another. A large portion of these men also experienced abuse as a child, so they grow up thinking this behavior is acceptable.

On the other hand, there are protective factors that can reduce the chance of men committing domestic violence. There are not many ways of decreasing the chance of domestic violence, but there are some. Some of the most common would be: changing social norms that turn away from or support violence against women (either through community intervention or public education), and/or by creating more stability in low-income communities, since there is a connection between violence and social problems (poverty, substance abuse, etc. )

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