Domestic Tourism Concept

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Domestic tourism involves residents or tourist of one country travelling within the same country they live. This includes taking holidays or trips in your own country.

An example of domestic tourism is when you live in London and decide to go for a tour in Buckingham palace, then you are a domestic tourism. A domestic tourism traveller does not have to book an accommodation to stay because he can go home on the day they went to visit.

E.g: A person from Glasgow travelling to London by train to attend a concert.

Inbound tourism are visitors from overseas coming into the country. Usually, when we use the term inbound tourism in the UK we are referring to the people from different countries travelling to the UK. For example a tourist from South Africa coming to the United Kingdom. This type of visitors travel to a place outside of their usual environment.
E.g: A person travelling from London to New York by plane for leisure purposes.

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Outbound Tourism are people travelling to a different country for a visit or a holiday. Generally, the term outbound tourism refers to UK residents travelling out of the UK. An example of outbound tourism is when people who reside in the UK go to Israel on holidays.
E.g: A person from Greece travelling into the United States by plane for leisure purposes.

Accommodation is a place where you can stay for your holiday/tour and it's one of the basic needs for any tourism activity.

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This would be suitable for inbound and outbound tourism. Travellers and tourist need lodging for rest, while they are on a tour or trip. Accommodations in the form of low budget lodges/hotels to world class luxury hotels is available at all major destinations to provide the tourist a home away from home.

These are establishments that provide a place for the tourist to stay i.e. lodging facilities which are paid for the duration of the stay by the tourist. There are various types of accommodation which are being used by tourists regularly. Travel agents and tour operators generally include one of the following types of accommodation in the itinerary.

There are 2 main types of accommodation

Accommodation can be serviced or non-serviced. Serviced accommodation means you'll have your room/place fully organised by cooking facilities, fully furnished, fresh meal provided and modern high technical devices will be provided such as television, DVD's and also the internet connection will be available. For example the Marriott Hotel (

This a hotel that has resorts in 131 countries and territories around the world, across six continents. This hotel is highly branded, stylish hotel with excellent services and also they have over 92 years of experience which shows that they would be professional. The offer a variety of different accommodations with unique designed both smart and completely accommodated. Therefore inbound and outbound tourism would use serviced accommodation. However, non-serviced accommodation means only the accommodation is provided but all other needs and chores has to be done by themselves such as cleaning and making food. For example, Haven's ( only provide a patch of grass to set your tent and other facilities and activities are available in in havens but these activities and facilities won't be offered in most of the non-serviced accommodation. There are many variety types of accommodation in travel & tourism such as. — Hotels

  • Farmhouses
  • Camp sites
  • Youth hostels
  • Guesthouse
  • Apartments
  • Caravans
  • Pension
  • Mortal
  • BurglarInnCampus

Unique theme accommodation such as lighthouse, cave, underwater hotel, tree house, castle, cabin, house boat, etc.

The two main accommodations are the guest house and the hotels. Hotels are the most recommended by tourist because of the supplies, facilities and the organisation. Also it is a luxurious place to stay in however it can be very expensive due to the rank it has earned. Nevertheless there are badges hotels such as Premier Inn and Travelodge which is value for money.

Guesthouse would be non-serviced accommodation which means that they provide places like farmhouses and guesthouses; this would be suitable for inbound tourism. This also gives opportunity for the tourist to spend time and experience in the local environment.

Transport provision

Inbound, outbound tourists and domestic tourist needs a transport to take travel around their places. There are transport like road, rail, sea and air.

Updated: May 19, 2021

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