Domestic Surveillance Essay

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Domestic Surveillance

Should the President have the power to authorize Warrant-less Domestic Surveillance? The president should not have the power to authorize government intelligence bodies such as the National Security Agency to conduct warrant-less domestic surveillance because it prone to abuse and would most likely lead to invasion of privacy and violation of various human rights. Basically, domestic surveillance involves the monitoring of e-mails, telephone calls, text messaging, the Internet, and other forms of communication between parties that the government believes to be suspicious or questionable.

Although the program was implemented to monitor suspected terrorist activities and to ensure the security and protection of the United States, the public is not aware of how much are the intelligence agencies monitoring and if they are actually monitoring the most private conversations. In other words, since warrant-less domestic surveillance requires no court order or clearance and since it is highly confidential, the extent of the areas that it covers is not known, which can alarm the public.

Moreover, warrant-less domestic surveillance deviates from the American tradition as it shows the supremacy of the military over the civilians, which is not supposed to be the case since the country enjoys democratic freedom and liberty. In worst case scenarios, the program might give the impression that the country is under military rule. In short, before the President should be given the power to authorize warrant-less domestic surveillance, it should be well-scrutinized first and should inform the public of its scope and limitations.

Most of all, the President and the government intelligence bodies should first assure the public that there will be no invasion of privacy and there will be no violation of human rights before the program is implemented. By doing so, it would make people more secure knowing that the intelligence powers of the military and other government agencies are not abused and are used only to ensure national security.

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