Domestic Issues Faced By The United States Of America Essay

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Domestic Issues Faced By The United States Of America

Human Rights – human rights in the United States has been criticized for their practices and policies. The record shows that human rights in the United States are complicated and controversial issue. Racial discrimination – Whether they are African American or Native American they are all human beings. Policy advice – blacks should be treated equally and can have the same opportunities and protection from the government just like the whites get. Segregation of white and black is a good consideration too. Inhumane Treatment

Death Penalty – human rights is the maximum and irreversible denial under the death penalty. It is controversial for its capital punishment. It is inhumane, cruel and unusual violation. Policy advice is to prohibit execution. Prison System – imprisonment of children and teenagers. A lot of mistreatment, rape, sexual abuse etc. Those behaviors are unlawful. Policy advice – give medical care, stop prisoner rape, add more security and abolish death sentence. GLOBAL ISSUES FACED BY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Global Warming – ‘the earth’s temperature is rising’.

Policy advice – we have to have a major sacrifices to solve the problem. Global Health Issues – ‘every year millions of people die needlessly because of poverty’. Policy advice – privatization of health system. World Hunger and Poverty Land Rights – ‘owning of land’. Policy advice – build a program to provide land ownership for the poor. Rainforest Destruction – one effect of the banana industry is ‘rainforest destruction and dependent economies. Policy advice – prioritize the local market before exporting.

To conclude, it is important to know our rights in the society because each one of us is entitled to have our own niche in this country and even in this world.

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