Domestic and Community Violence Essay

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Domestic and Community Violence

Domestic abuse and child abuse cases have been on the rise in the recent past causing child and human rights activists to seek for ways of containing the situation. Previous studies have concluded that the cases of child abuse and domestic violence have risen in America and the world at large because of poor approaches used to contain them. In addition, the shocking news that more than 1,200 children die each year due to child abuse and a good percentage of them are girls less than 16years is worrying both parents and teachers.

The rise in violence prevalence has been attributed to; poor child upbringing, poverty, modernization, lack of knowledge and neglect because studies have proved that abused ‘children’ will abuse their children in future etc (Nocav and Bourbonnais, 2002) The following issues indicate different stories; First, the U. S Advisory Board on Child Abuse has suggested that both child abuse and domestic violence may be the single major precursor to the main fatalities in the country hence the seriousness of the matter.

This has come at a time when a survey conducted early this year found out that school age children who witness and exhibit violence of any form not only in their families but also in the churches, towns or schools suffer from problems such as; anxiety, depression and violence towards their peers. This calls for urgent strategies to prevent and address them at once. The best of them is the use of teachers to counsel the abused children, report suspected cases or take any necessary action that will be suitable. Teachers and domestic violence initiative program

It has been noticed that more and more cases of child and domestic violence go unnoticed because of stigmatization or fear of retaliation especially by children. The main solution according to this program is to use the interactive ability of our teachers in schools to strictly follow any cases of suspected child abuse either directed to the child or to the parents. Children are very talkative especially with good interaction with their teachers are golden opportunities that can be used to assist those fighting the vice to get access to unreported cases.

The objective of this program is to improve system and community responses of abuse of children and their families. All people today face the challenge of developing enhanced policies and programs to meet the increased need for curbing child abuse cases. This program will therefore ensure that members of the community respond immediately to allegations of child and women abuse. This report will deal with a program suitable for teachers in our schools to be in the front line in preventing domestic violence in our society. (Lupton and Power, 2002)

The program considers the motivational tactics of getting teachers interact with their children outside the classroom and that they get the opportunity of knowing the problems children undergo while in class. It is obvious that children’s performance while in class reduce especially for abused children. In this program, teachers especially those teachers who teach children in lower grade classes will be taken through training sessions on how to interact more effectively with their students in class. The training sessions will also include learning the signs of domestically abused of sexually abused children

The program will involve the utilization of services from survivors and activists who will keep the tracers well informed and properly equipped with the skills to handle, report and discuss cases of violence through the children. In that case, the children will be able to inform their teachers that their parents were quarrelling last night, they were raped last week or even misused over the weekend. These and other reporting tactics will be fundamental in helping the police to further investigate the allegations.

As long as they will be funds to help schools identify troubled and troubled children at an early stage, it will be possible to rectify any impacts that might have been created by the abuses children go through. This program will therefore go a long way in boosting reconciliation and cutting incidences of crime and violence in our schools and society. When children are troubled and very disruptive in schools and at home, that is a sign of warning that children are either not being taken care of or they are experiencing some bad habits at home. It is then that teachers, parents and counselors come to look for causes of the wearied behaviors.

The program described above will help in ensuring that such kind of strategies is achieved. (Nocav and Bourbonnais, 2002) Conclusion Teachers have a role to play in eradication domestic violence and child abuse in our society. They can do so by creating close interactions with their students who will then reveal what happens behind the curtains either to themselves or the house-help or any of their parents. Since the teachers will be given the opportunity to learn more about social and domestic violence, then it will be possible to change social and institutional norms that perpetuate family violence in the future.

Together with other domestic violence programs, child welfare agencies and community organizers everybody can take part in forming effective collaborations and build partnership that will at the long run promote safe and health families. References Nocav, S. and Bourbonnais, C. (2002): No Room of Her Own. A Literature Review on “Women and Homelessness” CMHC Ottawa Lupton, R and Power, A. (2002): Social Exclusion & Neighborhoods. In Understanding Social Exclusion” Hills J, Le Grand J. & Piachaud D. Edn pp. 118- 140: Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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