Dogs v. Cats: Dogs Are Man's Best Friend

Dogs v. Cats Dogs are no doubt “Man’s Best Friend”. They’re playful, caring, and over all amazing companions. On the other hand, cats are lazy and moody. Studies have shown that dogs are better playmates than cats. They show more emotion including showing how much they love you, how excited they are that you came home after a long work day, and how caring they are when you’re upset. People rarely talk about their cats being energetic or even friendly.

They commonly hiss or scratch objects to shreds. It’s unheard of for a cat to play fetch or like to be cuddled with for more than ten seconds at a time. Dogs are better companions than dogs in the sense that they are friendly, caring, and “Man’s Best Friend”.

Dogs are the most loyal companions out there. For example, when used in World War I, dogs stayed loyal to their owners during battle and never disobeyed commands.

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Even years later when they were reunited, the dogs remembered who their owners were. Dogs that were used in the war become not only heroes but a sense of family for soldiers since they were away from home.

This is also a great example of how dogs are smarter. They learn tricks and obey rules quicker than cats can. Have you ever heard of a cat beg for treats or roll over? This gives off the impression that dogs are stronger as well. Hunting dogs, for example, are freaks of nature when hunting down the smell of prey or running after it.

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Studies show that dogs can also sense your emotion. They can tell when you’re happy or sad. For example, a dog will try and comfort you when you are crying but a cat will more than likely do nothing. Cats are more laid back animals and could not care less about what is going on. It is also proven that dogs give off the hormone serotonin that make you happier. Seeing puppies or playing with dogs can significantly increase your mood.

Although many people still prefer cats over dogs, scientists have proven that dogs are more compatible pets. With their overwhelming sense of love and loyalty, dogs are the best pet you could have for your family.

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