Does the Internet Make Us Better People Essay

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Does the Internet Make Us Better People

In a fast paced world like ours today, the internet plays a significant role in our everyday life. Such a revolutionary invention, with its own pros and cons, has stood out to be a major debatable topic. In my opinion, the advantages of the internet in our society outrun the disadvantages and help us to be better. It has blessed us with vast knowledge, has reduced distance and has made the world look smaller to us. Every corner of this world today is connected through the internet.

This latest discovery has majorly improved our communication industry. By clicking a few buttons, we can send out electronic mails to any part of the world at no cost and save time and paper. The internet has also broadened business possibilities. In very less time, we can advertise, sell and even buy products online. We can also rely on the internet for secure online banking, searching for jobs and so on. One of the most popular uses of the internet is social networking. Social networking sites are ideal for staying in touch with friends and family, sharing and gathering ideas, publicizing events and ideas and so on.

The internet is a portable encyclopaedia of any information that we can access anytime. It is the greatest profit we can gain from using the internet. Researchers and writers can take absolute advantage of this tool. Instead of spending hours in the library and trying to gather information, it is much comfortable to do the same at home. The internet is also used as a great learning method for students. Nowadays electronic books are also very popular amongst educators. Saving paper can help our environment tremendously. Like every other revolutionary advancement, the internet also has its disadvantages and failures. Social networking sites can have a negative impact on young minds by influencing them to visit dating and pornographic sites. Cyber bullying is a huge issue in our society. Young people may come across abusive and violent contents on the internet.

Protecting one’s privacy is a key concern of the internet. Personal information that is shared online is never safe and it may lead to identity thefts. Sometimes photographs and videos are published on websites without the consent of the people in it. Using the internet can be very addictive at times, leading us to procrastinate, lose productivity to junk which can lower our efficiency in jobs and education. The vast information on the internet can also be used wrongfully. The internet gives us access to almost everything.

Instead of buying software, music files and movies, people are doing injustice towards the makers of the original products by simply downloading them for free or cheap. The internet is a tool that can be utilized well or poorly. It has immensely helped us in communicating with the world. From mass information sharing to collaborating ideas and then presenting those, it plays a great role. If the misuses of the internet can be avoided, our everyday life can be easier, less time consuming and more comfortable. Such an invention boosts us up to make us better at everything we do.

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