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Does george want to leave lennie? Essay

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I do not take for granted that George if truth be told meant what he said, he basically let himself carried from his own bad temper and the sensations that he was feeling at that time. This can be seen through the lines of page 30. At a certain point Lennie babyishly says that as George appears to be in a worst mood than usual he could go and leave him alone. George after hearing Lennie’s foolish idea asked him ‘where the hell could you go? ‘.

If is true that he would be better off without Lennie why then didn’t he size this occasion and left him?

Why didn’t he leave him so that he could be better off without him? Probably he didn’t because after all he is continuously worried of his brother as well as being tremendously afraid that he could get himself into any sort of problem or even hurt himself. When then Lennie said that he could go off in the hills there where somewhere he would have probably found a cave George promptly asked him ‘How’d you eat? You ain’t got sense enough to find nothing to eat’.

George first concern had been the one of how would have Lennie carried on if he were to leave him to go off to the hills.

He knows quite well that Lennie would probably die of starvation and then the senses of remorse would just kill him, after all Lennie is his beloved brother and he cannot just send him to die. In my opinion George was not frank when he said that he would be better off without Lennie. In fact we can undoubtedly see this in page 31. Lennie child-likely told George, who a few minutes ago was in a very bad mood, that ‘if you don’ want me I can go off in the hills an’ find a cave. I can go away any time. ‘ At hearing these words once more George probably got scare knowing what his brother was capable of combining and quickly said ‘No – look.

I was jus’ foolin’ Lennie. ‘Cause I want you to stay with me. ‘ At this point is even too evidently visible that George is concerned of his brother and that he prefers him to stay with him, where he can keep on eye on him. If it were true that he did not want to stay with Lennie he would have probably let him go to the hills so that even if for a short period of time he could have conduce a normal life free of worries as well as serene but he didn’t. He cannot avoid, for him now Lennie is his family and his brother. He knows that is not Lennie’s fault if he has a short memory as well as if he is a bit rough, it is just the way he is.

Later on in the page George will tell Lennie the same thing again, this proves that George is convinced of what he is saying and that he seriously love and care for his brother. As he said if he leaves him is afraid that he will probably get killed or that he may even die. Does George from the bottom of his heart not need Lennie just about him? No. I personally think that George lied when he said that he would have been better of without Lennie. Clues that could give support to the previous statement can be straightforwardly found in the tome.

If was to be based on fact that George does not get concerned of Lennie then it would be unproblematic to say that he does not care of his emotions and sentiments, nevertheless this is not the case as it seems quietly impossible for him as he did prove once or even more. On page 27 somewhere inside the 8th line George, after throwing Lennie’s mouse inside a darkening bush and seeing the consequences which were that he brought Lennie very close to shedding tears, told him ”Blubberin’ like a baby? Jesus Christ. A big guy like you. ”.

George although he did it very callously, tried to give a motivation to his brother in order to stop him form starting to cry. He was trying to tell him that he was now a man that that a person of his age should not cry. Obviously the scene of the whimpering brother most has touched his heart and he therefore tried to console him. However as I early said before George did that action in a too cold manner and Lennie must have mistook it for another of his daily cusses. At that point then George then tried to approach Lennie in a softer way and we can see this somewhere in the 10th line – George put his hands on Lennie’s shoulder.

” I ain’t taking it away jus for meanness. That mouse ain’t fresh, Lennie; and besides, you’ve broke it pettin’ it. You get another mouse that’s fresh and I’ll let you keep it a little while. ” -. This time with this kinder approach George managed to make Lennie stop snivelling. In conclusion this proves that George has some feelings towards his hedonistic brother and that no matter what he says, he cares and loves him. In conclusion love is something that is shared in the relationship, although not as much as trust.

But George cannot be blamed for this since Lennie is incapable of remembering for long periods, which makes him quite unreliable. Still they are cousin, which carry each other’s burden, Lennie by doing the hard work and George by protecting him. This makes of them a real couple, as George said he wouldn’t allow Lennie to leave his side, no matter what happens since he knows the latter would be unable of taking care of himself.

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