Does degree equates success? Essay

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Does degree equates success?

?When I ask people around me, why do they think a degree equates success? The answers I usually get are better job opportunities and wages. Which is true for almost all of us except for the few highly privileged. A degree opens the door to more job interviews allowing one to have more choices, as organisations may shut you off if you do not meet their academic requisite. Especially jobs in the healthcare, accounting and legal industries; they have a higher requirement when it comes to hiring employees.

To own a degree now also levels the chances for everyone in the professional world; standardize differences due to background, physical appearances, gender and race. To simplify, having a degree also ensure that people have the chance to be evaluate based on personal merit instead of other privileges (Gardner, Jewler & Barefoot, 2008). Although some people say, taking an undergraduate course is so expensive these days and getting the return of investment is difficult, especially to study abroad.

No doubt cost of living rose overtime, but there is also much more job opportunities as compared to before since many companies globalized; Procter & Gamble, Toyota, eBay, McDonald’s, Apple et cetera (OECD, 2006). With prudent spending, anyone who had took education loan could pay off the debt within a few years while working. The other reasons why I agree that a degree is crucial are higher education, personal development and satisfaction.

Firstly, higher education gives people a chance to educate themselves further. Apart from libraries and textbooks, the students are able to gain insights from lecturers’ perspective and their experience; exposing them to more knowledge. Students also have to work with different classmates for projects and may discuss what they have learnt in class; compare notes and share understanding on the topic. Secondly, personal development that comes with attending university.

Students develop critical thinking; they question and fulfil the need to understand complex subjects, not just taking information at face value. They vet through evidence before forming opinions. Not forgetting the endless papers to write, students have to do diligent research and make informed judgement with the data they have. This improves their ability to create, manage and use materials. Thirdly, satisfy one’s expectations. Everyone has some expectations from themselves when going through an undergraduate course.

For some people, it is to pass every subjects. For others, they want to graduate with honours. When students achieved their goals, they feel good and it increases their confidence and self-esteem. In addition, having a degree may earn some respect from people, as degree graduates are commonly associated with being highly capable and knowledgeable. The growth experienced during the undergrad course can contribute to making better decisions in life and having a degree can bring a lifetime of career opportunities.

Both of which can lead to personal and professional success. Thus, I do think having a degree is important for one’s success. Reference: Gardner, J. N. , Jewler, A. J. , & Barefoot, B. O. (2008). Your college experience: Strategies for success. Connecticut, USA: Cengage Learning OECD. (2006), Boosting jobs and incomes: Policy lessons from reassessing the OECD jobs strategy. Retrieved from www. oecd. org/dataoecd/47/53/36889821. pdf.

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