Document Object Model Essay

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Document Object Model

The Document Object Model or DOM is the interface that allows manipulation and access of a web page or a document. It is a structured, object-oriented representation of individual elements and contents of a web page, and it provides methods of retrieval and property settings of those objects. The Document Object Model also provides an interface allowing for the capture and response of user and browser actions. The Image object is characterized by an image produced using the <img> element. Image objects are represented in an array form by using image [0], image [1], and so on and are dynamically changed on the web page in this format.

Object images must appear in the array in the same order they appear on the web page. The manipulation of the Image objects depends on the properties used. One can use the align property to set the alignment of the image in relation to the text surrounding it using right, left, top, middle, or bottom values (Gosselin, n. d. ). The alt property is used for the alternate text or description of the image (Gosselin, n. d. ). The border property is set in pixels and provides a border around the image (Gosselin, n. d. ).

The height property sets the height of the image in pixels (Gosselin, n. . ). The isMap property indicates if this is a server side map, and returns a Boolean value (Gosselin, n. d. ). The cookie object returns the current document’s cookie string (Gosselin, n. d. ). This is small bits of information that is stored on the user’s computer by a Web site or Web server about the user in a text file. These small bits of information stored are usually for identification purposes such as “remember me” on a website or for remembering a logged in user as the user travels from page to page within a web site that was initially logged in with user name and password.

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