Effective Online Monitoring of Counterfeit Products


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Abstract-Recent year e-commerce is growing very rapidly. E-commerce websites deal with the online shopping and it’s all about internet marketing buying and selling product. Most retail websites encourage customers to write review about product to express their opinions on various aspect is a particular part of feature of product.

Customer reviews on the product that they buy

Gathering these reviews from web and improve quality of product. Some popular products can get hundreds of customer to read them to help him or her to make a decision on whether to buy the product.

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As e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, the number of customer reviews to read them in order to make a decision on whether to buy the product.


In this project, we aim to summarize all the customer reviews of a product. This summarize task is different from traditional text summarize because

we are only interested in the specific features of the product that customers have opinions on and also whether the opinions are positive negative.

The reviews by selecting the reviews to capture their main points as in the classic text summarize. In this paper, we only focus on mining opinion/product features that the reviewers have commented on. A number of techniques are presented to mine such features.

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Our experimental results show that these techniques are highly effective.


System Study is the application of systems approach to problem solving using computers. It is a detailed study of the various operations performed by a system and their relationship within and outside the system. During the analysis, data are collected on the available file, decisions by the present system.

System Study is a process of gathering the facts concerning the system breaking them into elements and relationship between elements. It provides a framework for visualizing the organizational and environmental factors that operate on a system. The quality of work performed by a machine is usually uniform, neat and more reliable when compared to doing the same operations manually.

Existing System:

Product aspect identification is important phase of product aspect ranking framework, in existing aspect identification techniques can be classified in mining the opinion relations between opinion targets and opinion words was the key to collective extraction. To this end, the most adopted techniques have been nearest-neighbour rules and syntactic patterns.

Syntactic information, in which the opinion relations among words are decided according to their dependency relations in the parsing ranking.

Drawbacks of Existing System

Cannot obtain precise results because there exist modified relations and diverse Opinion expressions.

The existing parsing tools, which are usually trained on formal texts such as news reports, prone to generating errors.

The collective extraction adopted by most previous methods was usually based on a bootstrapping framework, which has the problem of error propagation.

Time consuming because of manual process

Less efficient

Proposed system:

We the proposed a product aspect ranking framework to automatically filter important aspects of products from lots of customer reviews. The opinion relations among words the propose a method based on a word alignment model (WAM). An opinion target can find its corresponding modifier through word alignment.

We believe that we can easily obtain a portion of the links of the full alignment in a sentence. These can be used to constrain the alignment model and obtain better alignment results. To obtain partial alignments, we resort to syntactic parsing.

To alleviate the problem of error propagation, we resort to graph co-ranking. Extracting opinion targets/ words is regarded as a co-ranking process. Specifically, a graph, named as Opinion Relation Graph, is constructed to model all opinion target/word candidates and the opinion relations among them.

Advantages of Proposed System

The online of review opinion depends on effectively the WAM does not limit identify customized relations to a limited window; therefore, it can capture more complex relations, such as long-span customized relations.

Motivated by the above observations, in the project proposed a product aspect ranking algorithm to clear the importance of many more aspect of customer opinions on the product

The alignment model used has proved to be effective for opinion target extractive reviews summarize by marketing use of aspect ranking.


Admin Module:

Login Form

Admin logs into the system by specifying unique username and password. In this module admin can view the no.of reviews added to the product. Admin can also view the product classification whether product falls into positive Opinion words or negative Opinion words.

Admin View Review Opinion Targets:

In this module admin can view the number of reviews, number of Positive Opinion, number of Negative Opinion added to the product. Opinion Targets are classified based on rule

Positive Opinion Targets = (No. of Positive Opinion ) / (Total No .of reviews)

Negative Opinion Targets = (No. of Negative Opinion ) / (Total No .of reviews)

If Positive Opinion > Negative Opinion, the product is classified as Positive Opinion Target, This Product can be suggested to user. These product get higher rating and gets listed first in product listing

If Negative Opinion > Positive Opinion, the product is classified as Negative Opinion Target, This Product cannot be suggested to user. These product get lower rating and gets listed last in product listing.

User Module

User Login

User need to login into the system If user not yet having username and password to login, they need to register by giving their basic details and get username and password.

View Product and review Product

After logging into the system, user can now view the shopping products online. Now user can add reviews to the product. There are two types of Opinion words dataset classified, one is positive Opinion words and another one is negative Opinion words.


After adding reviews to the product, user can now logout from the session.


Any system developed should be secured & protected against possible hazards. Security measures are provided to prevent unauthorized access to database at various levels. Password protection & simple procedures to change the unauthorized access are provided to the users.

The user will have to enter the user name and password and if it is validated he can participate in auction. Otherwise if he/she is a new user he should get registered and then he can place an order. When he/she registered they should provide authentication through jpg files (like ration card Xerox, voter identity card Xerox).

A multi layer security architecture comprising firewalls filtering routers encryption & digital certification must be assured in this project in real time that order details are protected from unauthorized access.


This paper proposes a novel method for co-extracting opinion targets and opinion words by using a word alignment model. Our main contribution is focused on detecting opinion relations between opinion targets and opinion words. Compared to previous methods based on nearest neighbour rules and syntactic patterns, in using a word alignment model, our method captures opinion relations more precisely and therefore is more effective for opinion target and opinion word extraction.

Next, we construct an Opinion Relation Graph to model all candidates and the detected opinion relations among them, along with a graph co-ranking algorithm to estimate the confidence of each candidate. The items with higher ranks are extracted out. The experimental results for three datasets with different languages and different sizes prove the effectiveness of the proposed method. In future work, we plan to consider additional types of relations between words, such as topical relations in Opinion Relation Graph. We believe that this may be beneficial for co-extracting opinion targets and opinion words.


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3) PHP 6 and MySQL 5 for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide

4) Beginning PHP and MySQL: From Novice to Professional, Third Edition

5) Practical Web 2.0 Applications with PHP







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Effective Online Monitoring of Counterfeit Products
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