Do you think IQ will determine your success in life

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Do you think IQ will determine your success in life

Have a successful life is everyone’s goal. Most of people think people who have higher IQ would always have a successful life. They believe that people who had talent is always better than people who don’t. However I think IQ would not determine people’s success in life.

I would say have a higher IQ just can help people easier to do things but this doesn’t mean that people can do everything without they try hard and work hard. There are so many people that have higher IQ but they don’t even work hard to try their best. They never try to improve themselves, they just keep waste their precious talent. On the other hand there are people who don’t have higher IQ but they always work hard and try to improve themselves. I think people who never work hard will never success even they have a smart brain.

I believe that if I want to have a successful life the only one thing I should do is to try my best. No matter I am a smart person or not, if I want to success in my life I better work as much as I can. Because in this world there is no one can get everything without hard working.

Life is just like a race, you have to keep running away from destiny and never let destiny catch you. If you win this race, destiny will not affect you anymore and you will be the boss of your life. Nothing can make you fear and nothing can defeat you. Therefore I think life is based on choice. Because when people really want to change something in their life they can always defeat their destiny. I believe that life is led by myself and I am the guy who will decide where to go in my future. Every decision I make would all depend on my willingness and nothing can affect me except myself.


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