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Do You Have a Well-Designed Organization?

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Do You Have a Well-Designed Organization? What are the main ideas of the article that you find important (insightful, relevant, practical) in managing people in organizations, and why? When I saw the topic of this article, I was attracted by it. Because when I worked in Sung-Yi Motor Corporation, a dealer company selling Mitsubishi motors in Taiwan, I sometimes feel my company is not a well-designed organization. Because I do not have the standards or right criteria to evaluate my corporation I can not definite that my corporation is a not well-designed organization.

I am so exciting that I have the method and standards to evaluate it. The first sentence of this article “for most companies, organization design is neither a science nor an art; it’s an oxymoron. ” I like this sentence very much. Because when I proposed the restructure project, I bumped into this kind of challenge. When my company set the branches in mainland China, we needed to support and control these branched.

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The first way we adopted is just add the responsibilities on my group, the result was that we can not support and control them effectively.

We faced the difficulty and we need to adjust our structure to improve the situation. This article provides nine tests to evaluate the structure of organization. The nine tests can be categorized to two kinds of standards; four of them called fit tests are used to evaluate an existing structure, and the others called good design tests are used to create a new one.

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These tests help a company inspects its outside and inside situations. By the result of these texts, an organization can change its original not proper structure to a better one. Next paragraph I will use these tests to evaluate my previous company.

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