Do you agree that schools have a uniform? Essay

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Do you agree that schools have a uniform?

From the ages of 5 to 16 by law every child in the UK must attend school; whether the school is state funded or privately funded they almost all have some form of school uniform. School uniforms are a requirement at almost all schools but in some state schools the regulations on school uniforms are a little looser than others, Meaning that some pupil wear pretty much whatever they want to school taking no notice of the school uniform regulations set in place, which some believe to defeat the object of having the school uniform in the first place. This essay will discuss whether or not schools should have uniforms or not and will explore both sides of the argument giving evidence to support them.

Some parents believe that schools should not have school uniform for one reason: cost. The cost of school uniform is something that troubles many parents across the UK as the price of school uniform has increased considerably over the past few years. What makes the situation worse for many is when their child’s school changes their uniform. Many schools in order to receive extra funding from the government have changed their status to academy; when they do this they often change their uniform to try and present a new image to the public about the school. This means the parents have to buy their child a whole new uniform. It also means that hand me downs or buying second hand is no longer an option which is what many people try to do when buying new school uniform for their child.

A report by the office of fair trading shows that last year over 50 million pounds was spent on school uniform, they also found that Head teachers do not give pupils and their parents enough choice on where to by their uniform. This can make school uniform even more expensive as you may not be able to buy your school uniform locally so you either have to buy it and pay postage or travel a long distance to get it.

A school uniform could make a pupil feel as if they are supressing their emotions and not being allowed to be themselves as many people express themselves through the clothes they wear and they could feel as if they are being denied their individuality when they are at school. This could lead to serious problems in school and distract them from their school work.

Many pupils think that schools should not have school uniform because often they are judged by where they go to school and the uniform they wear. Pupils from both private and state schools could face this problem on a regular basis and may well feel ashamed or even embarrassed of where they go to school; this can be a huge problem because if they are not proud of where they go to school they might not apply the right work ethic to their studies or if they are proud of where they go to school they could be bullied for it.

Although there are many negatives about school uniform there are also many positives; for example a school uniform decreases opportunities for bullying among pupils if they are all wearing the same clothes, no one can be discriminated against for wearing ‘untrendy’ clothing or cheap clothing if they cannot afford expensive the clothes that are fashionable among their peers.

School uniform also makes it easier in the morning for pupils because they don’t have to deliberate over the clothes they are going to wear on that day they just have to put their uniform on and go to school with no worry about what people are going to think of their clothes and what others are going to wear themselves.

Although school uniforms can be expensive and the price has gone up over recent years, those who find it difficult to afford it can be helped by their local government with the cost of it that includes sports kit. Wearing school uniform promotes the school you go to the public advertising it and possibly bringing in more pupils.

School uniforms can make school safer as it allows for teachers easily identify pupils if they are outside of school on a school trip or identify someone who is in the school and shouldn’t be. A school uniform also creates a less distraction among pupils as they don’t have to concern themselves with what others are wearing in the classroom.

School uniforms can give pupils a sense of belonging and identity as well as preparing you for later life when you may well have to wear smart clothing in the work place or a uniform if you are in the emergency services or military.

My position therefore is that I agree that students should have to wear a school uniform because uniform is fashion less and provides a sense of belonging and identity, reduces opportunities for bulling, relieves one of the many stresses that pupils face every day and prepares you for adulthood. But saying that, the odd mufti day is good to as this lets those who need it to have freedom.

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