Do the Environmentalist Overstated Their Case Essay

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Do the Environmentalist Overstated Their Case

From this article you will see that environmentalists are concern about the environmental catastrophe. Some of them claimed that world was in danger and we shouldn’t neglect about this issue. But Lomborg opposed in his article that the environmentalist have been overstated from the real situation. The author said that some of environmental organizations are using only selective information and also distort the truth. Also from the author research evidence shown that environment is in good condition In my opinion, l agreed with Lomborg that some organization overstate their case.

Also one of the word he wrote in his article that “thing was better now but they are still not good enough”. It is true that nowadays we have more food per person than we need. In contrast food are in increasing in slow rate while the rate of population continue rising. If we don’t control the rate of child‘s birth. Moreover in my point of view the state that fewer people are starving is not true. Because nowadays there are a lot of people in the world suffer from malnutrition. Owning to quality of land, soil and fertility is important for production process but now in response to the increase using of pesticides.

Also about deforestation even it is true as research said that globally forest has been reduced in very small portions even so we shouldn’t loss even more forest because forest is the most important resource for living things. Forest is not only providing valuable products but they also keep ecosystem in balance. They reduce problem about air pollution. So why don’t we trying to protect and increase in the forest. Last issue is about global warming. This is a long-term problem. It is true that doomsday not going to happened soon but if we keep ignoring about this issue.

This might chase up global warming to happen faster. So for me it is time to concern about environment and plan for our next generation. Because as you see nowadays each of person prefer a high standard of living. But if we serve everybody demand the supply of environment resources must be lower and lower. This is the proper time to care about our earth use the environment resource in economize and benefit ways. Then the story that many environmental organizations keep telling us will not happen in the nearly future like them expected.

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