Do People Have Premonitions Essay

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Do People Have Premonitions

There are many debates on whether or not we have a sixth sense. That sixth sense is premonitions. The main questions asked are, do people have premonitions? Are they able to have premonitions? Does everyone have premonitions? Do only few people have premonitions? Most people will have dreams that will come true within the next day or the next few days. Many people get mild feelings of premonition; a feeling that something is about to happen, being good or bad. It can be as mild as a “hunch” of “gut feeling” about the gender of an unborn child, or just not wanting to get on “that” bus.

Or it can be as strong as a nagging feeling you should know what is about to happen; that a sports team “just can’t lose this year”; or that “this is not a good time to invest”. This is not all that uncommon and many people don’t even think this is something to comment upon. Some people have what is termed as an “uncanny knack” for seeming to know about things in advance. There are those who would consider this “just being lucky,” others question the validity of the “luck” but some of these people will tell you they do have a “feeling of knowing” or premonition.

Few however, have ever taken it to the next level by recording the incidences. A few people have what could be considered precognition or foreknowledge and most of those keep some form of journal with the “feelings”, “sights”, “visions”, “precognitions”, “predictions” or whatever they call their talent. It is very rare for any of these people to get a full image. Most often they get something like; “The feeling of immediate danger, to a large, male person of importance to them” Now they have to track down whom, is it their father, their boss or their brother-in-law and what is the “danger.

It could be an accident, a burglary, a financial setback, or even just tripping and stubbing their toe. These sorts of riddles as easiest to understand after the fact, say, when their best friend is in a car accident and suffers a broken leg. Big – male – important to them – danger… it all seems so simple in hindsight. This is why they keep a journal with dated entries of their “precognitions. ” Later, when the “precognition” comes to pass they enter newspaper clippings, photo or other hard evidence into the journal with their dated entry.

Even the very best at this sort of thing do not have a one hundred percent accuracy rate. It is, therefore, very easy for the main stream to discount any sort of validity to the claims of those who do experience them. The opinion of the people is split half and half between yes people have premonitions or no they do not have premonitions. People believe that there are no psychic abilities to see the future. This is not to say that there aren’t “feelings” about future events. If you didn’t do your homework, and you feel that tomorrow your dad is going to ground you, which is just common sense based on experience.

Not a premonition of some kind of psychic nature. People also believe that some people are gifted with the ability to see into the future. This is called pre-cognition. Some psychics use cards as a focus, others use touch and still others read palms. While there are many fakes, there are also some people who really can see into the future. There will always be a debate between if people have premonitions or don’t have premonitions. I guess there will never be a for sure answer on if people have premonitions or don not have premonitions. You will just have to decide on your own with your own opinion.

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