Do Gun Laws Prevent Violence?

Under federal law people with felony convictions, fugitives from justice, dishonorably discharged from the military, illegal aliens in the United States, or convicted of domestic violence, and restraining orders are permitted from purchasing firearms. This also includes the purchase of firearms using false statements. According to (May, 2005) “a police officer found guilty of domestic violence was reissued his firearm, because the judge stated the conviction created a manifest injustice”. This illustrates how judges in certain situations overrule the domestic violence laws, which are federally regulated.

This reasoning can avoid police officers in this case from losing their firearms and their employment. This can also lead to a judge’s decision to continue to put citizens in danger. Restricting gun access can decrease homicides by firearms. Some private dealers legally sell guns at gun shows, and do business from their homes without proper background checks. This result can lead to convicted felons and suspected terrorists purchasing firearms without a background checks. Imposing harsher sentencing on illegal gun dealers, who distribute firearms without background checks, can impact they way firearms are being distributed.

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This would also provide for safer streets. Prior to transferring a firearm for purchase, The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) does a background check on all person(s) prior to purchase. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) accesses the (NICS), which determine if a person(s) who are prohibited from purchasing a firearms. The effect of illegally purchasing firearms is that, the firearms end up in the hands of criminals.

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This subsequently leads to firearms used in serious crimes, which causes harm and ultimately resulting in the death of a person(s) and at times innocent bystanders.

This also affects the way law enforcement does their jobs to protect the public. The National Rifle Association (NRA) opposes gun control. The (NRA) views gun control as a violation of the Second Amendment, which state, “A militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. Firearms protect citizens from harm and even life threatening situations. The firearms purchased legally by honest American citizens, to protect themselves and their properties can deter crime and save lives.

As a deterrent to violent crimes, American citizens who have purchased firearms legally have deterred crime against themselves, and their property. This has also prevented citizens, who carry firearms legally from becoming victims of serious violent crime and saving their lives thwarting of attacks. Gun control provides safety to citizens. Communities are safer places knowing that responsible American citizens are purchasing firearms legally. Not all people who purchase firearms use them to protect themselves and their property.

Some people legally use firearms for the sport of hunting during certain times of the year, which is legal. Hunting related deaths by firearms are statistically are lower, than firearm related homicides each year. The people who purchase firearms legally provide positive reinforcement to public safety. The benefit of having safety features on firearms is that safety features save lives, and prevent accidental deaths. In regard to children who stay in homes where firearms are located, there are immediate dangers that present themselves.

One of the dangers is that young children do not know the difference between a real firearm, and a fake firearm. Some young children are strong enough to pull a trigger. According to the (CDC, 2004) “accidental shooting deaths are most commonly associated with one or more children playing with a gun they found in the home”. Safety is very necessary, for those people who have firearms around young children to teach, and practice safety precautions. There is the need to teach safety precautions even if people do not own a firearm. Young children may need to know the dangers of firearms where ever they go.

There is a possibility that they may encounter a firearm at someone else’s home. To ensure the protection of children, certain safety measures need to be under consideration. All firearms should be safely secured, and locked up. Firearms should not be accessible to children or other unauthorized personnel. The ammunition needs to be stored, and securely locked up properly. The use of trigger locks can also provided for safety. Some gun manufacturers, such as Smith and Wesson are providing safety features on their firearms. The additional safety feature would include childproof trigger locks on firearms.

This is an additional form of safety for gun owners with children in their homes. This can also lead to a decrease in injuries and accidental deaths amongst children. The National Rifle Association (NRA) opposes additional safety features on firearms. The (NRA) argues new legislation laws on additional safety features, means the federal government will add more restrictions, and regulations for safety features. This would ultimately put some gun manufacturers out of business. This would also cause extra burdens for law-abiding citizens who seek to buy and sell firearms.

The (NRA) also argues the new legislation laws would infringe on the “Second Amendment”, and the right for law-abiding citizens to bear arms. The impact on the homicide rate from firearms, can attest to the dangers caused by firearms being illegally purchased. The illegal use of firearms can increase the homicide rate. When criminal minded individuals can access guns illegally, the outcome of that purchase usually results in someone getting injured or being killed by that firearm. The deaths from firearms are rear in some countries compared to the United States.

This can be a result of the population in other countries or the gun laws. However, the United States has seen a decrease in homicides by firearms. This can attest to new legislation laws being passed, strict regulations on gun manufacturers, and gun being kept from criminals by way of proper screening through database in which The Federal Bureau of Investigations, State police, and local authorities have access to. The rate of suicides and accidental deaths from the use of firearms attribute to gun not being securely stored in house-holds. There were over 31,000 firearm deaths in the United States in 2005.

Firearms deaths were at an all time high in 2005. [pic] The (CDC, 2005) concludes that “suicide remains the highest cause of death by firearms”. According to (Hemenway, 2007) “One of the strategies for reducing firearms suicides is the removal of the firearm from the home, where there adolescents, and young adults. Children are also victims of accidental gun deaths. This can also be attributed to excessive guns in the communities and areas where children frequent such as schools, and playgrounds. The impact of firearm safety and training is also important in reference to saving lives.

There are numerous gun training and safety organizations to help the law abiding citizens, with gun safety or self defense. Some organizations include the National Rifle Association (NRA), and Front Site Firearm Training Institute. Since firearms injuries affect children and teenagers classes are taught to children. This would help the children learn the dangers of guns and to stay away from guns. This would also help children identify and report any guns found or not safely secured. The increase in firearm deaths amongst children is on the rise.

The lack of awareness can be fatal to children not aware of the dangers of gunplay. Volunteer training can also can decrease firearm incidents. Firearm related incidents have an impact on health care. According to (Beasley, Theodore March 2006) “firearms injuries are a major public health issue, with a significant impact on society in both economic and human terms”. The medical cost of gun violence put a burden on health service providers. The effect factors in mental health, rehabilitation, legal, and judicial cost. The cost of gun violence in the United States can range from 100 billion dollars annually.

Gun control provides for safer schools and communities. In the wake of the Columbine shooting, and the shooting at Virginia Tech laws are being passed to make sure schools are safe for students to attend, and communities are safe for people to live in. To ensure communities and schools are safe, communities have to be a part of the process. This may include groups such as neighborhood watch, to report any illegal activity observed in the community or around schools especially where children frequent. Illegal activity such as drug dealing poses a high risk to children.

This can attest the gun being involved which are used to protect drug dealers and their turf, which is ultimately the community the children play in. There are also gangs that factor into illegal activities. These gangs also protect the neighborhoods or turfs with guns. The dangers involved result in drive by shootings, which can injury or kill innocent individuals. They also recruit young children to participate in these gangs. This also exposes children to illegal activities, which include giving young adolescents firearms to protect themselves from rival gang members and to protect their turf.

These high crime areas continue to involve individuals who obtain firearms illegally. Some poverty stricken neighborhoods see an increase in firearm violence, due to the environmental surroundings. This would include public housing projects, and other low income housing areas surrounded by drugs, prostitution, gangs, and illegal gun activity. These neighborhoods see an increase in violent crimes by firearms, such as assaults, robbery, and murder. This can also attest to the young adolescents that bring firearms to school. The men and women of law enforcement are also at risk against legally obtained firearms.

This is because suspected criminals can be armed and dangerous. The dealers, who sell firearms without proper screening, put the public’s safety at risk. Law enforcement officers are not equipped for the type of gun power these criminals’ possess. Some criminals possess assault weapons, which are military style weapons. If the weapons get into the wrong hands of criminals, these weapons can impose at grave risk to law enforcement, often putting law enforcement in grave danger trying to protect the public. There are law enforcement officers that have die at the hands of firearms.

This is a result of handguns and assault weapons being purchased by criminals. Law Enforcement deaths by firearms since 2005 [pic] National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund (2008) The law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty has declined since 2007. Law enforcement agencies adopted new safety measures to assure law Enforcement were better equipped to apprehend suspected criminals who carry deadly firearms. Do Americans citizens want guns illegally circulating in their community? Individuals and criminals purchase guns illegally every day.

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