Divorce Is Always Bad for Children Essay

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Divorce Is Always Bad for Children

One of the most frequently asked questions “Is divorce harmful to children? ”. There are numerous discussions about the effects of divorce on children and most people and researches say that divorce has a negative influence on children. These children have more psychological and behavioral problems than children who live in married two-parent families. I agree with that because I think that normal psychological development and well-being of children are directly connected with whether the children grow up in divorced families or in married two-parent families.

There are many factors that account for why children in divorcing families may have difficulties, but I would like to focus on some of them such as parental loss and life stress. Firstly, both parents are important for children, giving emotional support and practical assistance. Children who grow up in two-parent families are happier and have a greater well-being because they live in the atmosphere of love, care and attention from both parents. Each parent gives their children their knowledge, skills and nurture that are important for the formation of children’s personality.

Divorce often results in the loss of contact with one parent and therefore a loss of the knowledge, skills and emotional support of that parent. Secondly, divorce of parents is a big stress for children. They knew only one world where their mother and father was a unit. But after divorce life is changed, their world is destroyed and as result they feel pain and further carry painful memories. There are other psychological problems connected with changing residence, conditions of living, changing the school, loss of friends.

As a result, children need to adjust to a new life that is obviously a big emotional stress for them. Moreover, children may be faced with inadequate attitudes of other children who live in two-parent families. Children may feel a stress from understanding of such inequality that may lead to a problem when they may became an asocial. All of the abovementioned factors usually may lead to aggressive behavior of children or their depression, and parents may be faced with difficulties how to manage this.

In summary, it is apparent that divorce has a negative influence on children, not only in their childhood but also on their future; because some researches have proved that most adults who grow up in divorced families often keep the painful memories in their mind for many years. The risk of negative influence on children may be reduced, if both parents try to keep the friendly relationship between them and maintain the level of support for their children before divorce. Both parents should participate in their children’s nurture equally and show them their love and care.

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