Diversity of Individuals Essay

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Diversity of Individuals


Diversity means difference. It is about recognizing the different needs and preferences of an individual and accepting them. This could be related to their culture and personality or just their preferences. As well as many other factors. Everyone is different.


Not to discriminate against someone in terms of race, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation and age.


In social care you need to take an anti oppressive approach. You can not try and make someone do what you want because it’s easier for you. If the resident would like to do something you can advise but you can not make them do what you want because you are in a stronger position.

1.2 Explain why it is important to recognize and respect an individuals heritage Every resident should be treated with the same respect they would deserve if they were not in care. They should be treated as if they could do things for themselves. Carers are there to assist the resident. Their customs and religious practices are very important to them. It defines who they are. Some like their dietary needs met regarding not eating pork etc. Some will not accept blood transfusions. We need to honor their wishes to the best of our ability.

1.3 Describe why an individual with dementia may be subjected to discrimination and oppression A resident who has dementia may not be able to remember her preferences so its down to the carer to find out. For example if the resident is Muslim then her religious beliefs means she doesn’t eat pork. It is down to the carer to respect this and not just take on the attitude of “it doesn’t matter”

1.4 Describe how discrimination and oppressive practice can be challenged As a carer if I was to see a colleague discriminate against a resident, first of all I would highlight the residents preferences and point out what they are doing is wrong. If the carer was still to carry on I would bring it to the attention of my senior or manager who would then deal with it following company policy.

2.1 Explain why it is important to identify an individuals specific and unique needs It is important to identify a residents needs so they can live their life as they want. Sometimes the resident may not be able to express their wishes and preferences so it is important to speak to close family members and friends to find out what they would prefer.

2.2 Compare The Experience Of Dementia For An Individual Who Has Acquired It As An Older Person With The Experience Of An Individual Who Has Acquired It As a Younger Person It would not be much different between an older and younger person, they would both still experience the same effects that dementia brings to a person. However a younger person getting dementia would probably feel more affected as they may feel that it’s unfair that they have it so young when they have a lot of life left ahead of them, they also may not be able to deal with it very well as most people associate dementia with older people. Their life will change so much and sometimes so quickly, they may have to leave work, stop driving etc. Then they would have to think about the help they would need, finance etc. which with so much happening and changing can lead to a lot of stress and then to depression in a person and sometimes more. Having dementia as an older person is probably more easier to deal with than getting it as a younger person because you have experienced a lot and lived a life so you would be more acceptance of it and deal with it a lot better.

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