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Share some contemporary examples of cultural diversity issues. Some contemporary examples of cultural diversity issues, for example, are law enforcements inabilities to understand completely some of the minority group’s language, traditions, beliefs, lifestyles, religions, stereotyping, and profiling of minorities.

Law enforcement also encounters cultural diversity issues with the different moral beliefs of ethnic groups, therefore, can interfere with relating to other minorities when faced with a situation. Law enforcement officers should focus on education, training, and gain knowledge of their local minorities to form a universal relationship with those minorities to avoid the cultural and ethical issues, which may raise suspicions when in turn it is the beliefs, morals, etc.

of that minority rather than hiding something, or under the influences of drugs or alcohol. An example is with Asian and Hispanic females. Females in both these minority family environments are considered subordinate to men, and many are expected to take a role as the mother while the male counterparts are allowed to participate in social activities such as jobs, sports, clubs, afterschool activities, and such (Shapiro, 2002).

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Law enforcement encounters much problematic issues regarding the subordination of females by the male counterparts in these minorities, resulting in calls to the school systems because female Hispanics are prone to be hostile toward peers because of stress, which derives in the family and the attempting results to conform-assimilate with youths in America (Shapiro, 2002). Reference: Shapiro, M. (2002). Asian Culture Belief: Vietnam. Retrieved September 29, 2011, from

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