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Diversity in Universities Essay

Essay Topic:

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The process of getting education involves going through a number of stages. They are the pre-school, primary school, high school and finally the tertiary institutions and the university. Admission into the universities or colleges involves the process in which students who have completed high school join tertiary education at universities and colleges. An educational system differs from one country to another. Some countries have self governing bodies which centralize the administration of standardized exams.

Diversity refers to the process of recognizing and appreciating the individuals’ characteristics that make them unique so as to promote the celebration of the individual and collective achievement of those persons.

Universities consists of individuals who contribute significantly to the growth of culture of the community through expressing their views on how to improve on the performance of an organization Diversity in universities. As teachers teach in universities, they always need to update their knowledge in their fields of specialization because of changing trends.

Diverse systems in universities enable students to know in advance the type and quality of teaching and qualification they will receive.

Benefits of diversity When an organization values diversity, it means that it values the local community as well as themselves. Different values are appreciated by the diverse organization . This kind of organization recognizes the fact that people with different backgrounds skills, attitude and experience brings about fresh ideas and perceptions.

Diverse organizations encourage and harness various differences that make their services relevant and approachable. They also get a wide range of views exercised so that it can listen to them and meet the changing needs of its user, staff, volunteers and partners. Intellectual Diversity A review is done about the student’s perception of students towards teachers who attempt to discuss politics in course other than political science in classrooms. Academic freedom should be allowed in college campuses for its easier to correct a situation in the classroom.

On other hand arguments should be made to be one sided. For education, it is said to be implemented when students are provided with a variety of perspectives and encouraged to think for them. There are some suggestions given to ensure intellectual diversity at the same time protecting academic freedom, for instance establishing new academic programs political bias in student –funded groups. In conclusion, diversity helps us to see situations from different points of view and therefore assists one to accommodate changes when they arise.

It is therefore necessary to learn about diversity so as to appreciate the different research agendas and priorities that may arise that may bring change to a community and thus lead to proper decision making processes within their organizations.


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