Diversity in America Essay

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Diversity in America

Being in a diverse world I learned ethnic groups went through a lot during slavery. The way minorities were treated in the past was torture no person should experience in their life time. I learned every race has different ways of thinking and beliefs they feel strongly about in their culture [ (Jiwani, 1996) ]. When it comes to being a success some cultures feel you need to be happy and positive to get to the top and others disagree. Important facts I have learned about my racial ethnicity is my culture arrive in the 19th century and they were stereotyped. They were not recognized on applications for employment [ (Jiwani, 1996) ]. My race did not give up and ignored the stereotyped that others thought of them. I also discovered my heritage celebrates in March and we are considered to be 2 years older than the average American. According to (Joel), 2010. In 2050 America will have added 100 million to its population [ (kotkin, 2010) ]. The fertility rate supposes to be less than ever before when the time comes. I think there will be less people having babies because of the recession going on in America.

People in the U.S is suffering and struggling to make ends meet. There is too many babies starving in different countries including in the U.S. Americans are being laid off making minimum wage and it hard for them to survive and take care of the children they have now [ (Jiwani, 1996) ]. Older Adults have to live with their children now because they were unable to receive full benefits when they retired. Senior citizens are having such difficulty in today’s society and have to live on social security checks that constantly raise the money than take it away leaving them stuck. Fertility will decrease because America is already over populated now. The challenges America face when it comes to diversity is prejudice and discrimination. People’s lack of knowledge for other people’s culture and beliefs leaves a lot of Americans in the dark because of their ignorance.

People who promote ignorance to their children, family, and friends about different cultures and beliefs will never have the privilege to see beyond the color of one’s skin and religion [ (Jiwani, 1996) ]. No one is alike and different groups think different of others who are not similar to them. I feel those who see everyone as equal have respect for others beliefs. Diversity in America brings problems and fighting between people who hate other because of their skin color and beliefs. When hate is involved this brings on discrimination. Discrimination brings on hate crimes and hurting other people. People who hate other due to their race believe others groups are less then them.

Stereotyping of ethnic groups helps continue the ignorance in society ways of thinking. The benefits of diversity are people of all races, belief, and religion can continue to educate themselves about others. Society can learn to see beyond the color of one’s skin and heritage. People will then get to know who an individual or group is by the way they interact with them. I have a friend as well as myself who face racism everyday because of the color of my skin. It hurts both of us at time but we have learned through the way we were taught to have pride and one’ self and keep our head up.

Society can learn to see beyond the color of one’s skin and heritage. People will then get to know who an individual or group is by the way they interact with them. I learned my culture was looked down for many of years until the government decided to consider us to join a race. They felt we finally was worthy of being recognized in the way to accept diversity when it comes to culture in America. The people in the United States need to come together and stop trying to separate each other in groups. Teachers, parents, and our communities need to be open-minded to everyone no matter how they look, act, walk, or talk. There is no one perfect in America and if we can just realize no group or person from a different race is better than the other it may work. Hope is all I have and I want my children to see me as a positive role model and not a racist.

I have always believed in being a fair person. I feel I have been treated in a mean way from plenty of people because of my race but I believe in god and that’s what helps me smile. People need to learn how to love one another instead of hate each other. Americans need to raise their children in the correct way by showing them its okay to play and be friend with other children who are different and of a different race. A lot of children I find today are afraid to play with other children who don’t look like them because the way they were raised. I remember a time when I was little and I made a friend in class and she told me her mom said not to play with children of my race and if she did she will get in trouble. I was so confused until I went home and asked my mom and she explained to me about how the world viewed me. I then understood and learned to ignore the ignorance of the way people made me feel or looked down on me because of my skin color. I always found my self trying to prove to others of a different race I was not the lazy person who grew up not wanting to work and make nothing of my life.

I have learned I will face this discrimination until I die so I will have to work twice as hard to become a success in life. Media perpetuate prejudice and stereotyping in a negative way. When it comes to ethnic groups the media always show minorities committing crimes and robbing people [ (kareem, 2013) ]. Media help promote hate to people who has lack of education about minority groups so they feel they have a right to be ignorant. This kind of stereotyping makes people continue the hate in schools, communities, and on the internet. Ethnic groups are always showed in the media living in low-income area’s and they make it look like they are lazy, stupid, dangerous and unable to comprehend anything a smart person suppose to be telling or teaching them [ (kareem, 2013) ].

White Americans suppose to be ethnic people’s translators to explain what minorities are trying to say to them. Media promote appreciation for diversity in February when they want America to acknowledge minorities for more than being a problem in America [ (kareem, 2013) ]. I think it’s really contradicting what’s being told for so long about minorities and really making ethnic groups look like a joke. I feel this way because they constantly try to make ethnic groups or a person of an ethnic group look bad. I feel the media tries to make it look like everyone in society is treated the same in America when this is not the case.

When the media reports the news I see a low percentage of Black Americans reporting the news and when they do their talking about their own race to put them down. The way people In America can work together to reduce prejudice and accept diversity is by teaching their families in their homes and their neighbors how to embrace others who are not like them [ (kareem, 2013) ]. I will continue to treat others with respect and dignity. I will show those who come around me the same how to treat people of different cultures and beliefs and how they are equal to us.

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