Diversity & essential Essay

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Diversity & essential

Diversity plays an essential role in the effectiveness in hiring and recruitment processes. It also contributes to the growth, competitiveness, and productivity of every individual working in the company. Likewise, diversity makes the foundation of the company stronger and profitable. Apart from that, it is also beyond doubt that globalization has taken its term at this present era. Due to globalization, the competition is becoming more intense. Meanwhile, diversity has become “more global, all-encompassing concept, and is going beyond affirmative action while still embracing some of its fundamental tenets” (All Business, 2009).

Hence, it also requires that companies existing in this globalized era needs to be competitive in all aspects and diversity will help companies in surviving in a globalized market. In the recruitment and hiring processes, diversity will enable the minorities and those with differences a chance to grow and prove their capabilities. A diversified company then reflects the ability of the HR Department in choosing employees with differences but with ability to compete with others and contribute in the progress of the company.

Furthermore, at present, American corporations have made diversity an issue by initiating strategies in addressing such issue (All Business, 2009). As to every employees, diversity enhances the abilities of the diversified employees through healthy competition (All Business, 2009). Hence, diversity challenges the ability of the HR Department in employing such kinds of employees and in making the working environment more productive and challenging. Definitely, diversity has the potential of changing the managing style.

One of the major change would be the elimination of discriminatory acts or regulations within the company. Apart from that, it also develops a profound managing diversity skill. Meanwhile, managing diversity is the act of “managing various types of matters and employees in the company” (Small Business Bible, 2009). Diversity is all encompassing which requires a deep understanding of the diversified working environment. Through diversity, the manager’s style of managing will definitely be changed into a style that will address the different issues and challenges in the company.


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