Diversity and Background Experience Essay

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Diversity and Background Experience

Teaching is a profession that indeed gives me fulfillment and self-satisfaction. I have always wanted to teach to share my knowledge, learning, ideas and most of all, my imagination. I yearn to give the best in my students that is why I have always prepared my lessons and teach them from the very bottom of my heart. One of the most challenging experiences that I encounter in my teaching profession is to be involved and to be immersed in students of diverse populations.

During the process, I encounter dilemmas that test my patience but I have done my best to retain in composure. I have a very long patience and that is a great help; however, due to the number of students who belong in diverse races, my patience has been almost brought on its limit. On the other hand, I have learned to manage my students which in turn allow me to handle them easily. The problems that have arisen on the process disintegrate in the long run.

I need not to take those dilemmas seriously because it will only affect me when teaching. However, it is not only me that suffers from problems with diverse populations. Some of my students approach me due to the fact that they are being bullied because of their race, tradition and skin color. As their teacher, I know that I have to do something. I have given them advices during the consultation and promise them that I am going to make a move that will help eradicate the discrimination in class.

Dealing with students of diverse population offers a myriad of challenges to a teacher. It is important for the teacher to cope and to struggle with those challenges. How did I cope and struggle on those challenges? Basically, the answer lies on the assets that I possess and the assets that I bring in the four-corner room. The subsequent assets are divided into two. First are the assets that I have. I am confident that as an individual and as a teacher, I have unique skills and abilities; some are innate, others are learned and acquired.

Second are the assets that I bring in the classroom–the teaching strategies and techniques that I have presented and the vision to change what has been acquainted by my students regarding the treatment of their fellow students. As an individual, I possess a very long patience that help me deal with my deviant, lazy and naughty students. Being their teacher, I have to do something that will help them perform well in class. During my session, I use to share jokes and anecdotes in relation to our lessons so that I can capture their interest; and in order to avoid boredom.

Of course, I know how it feels to listen to professors who teach their undying litany, while oozing with boredom. In my part, I do not want my students to experience that to me. I desire everyone to be awake while I am teaching. On the other hand, the teaching strategies that I have done and presented are anchored on my creativity and imagination. I want each meeting to be unique; in order to do that, I devise different kinds of teaching techniques that will enable my students to participate actively in class.

I believe that education is not just confined in the four-corner room—formal setting. I believe that education can also be acquired in an informal setting thus my students and I go for fieldtrips and conduct lessons outside the classroom. I yearn for them to maintain and sustain their interest in my subject. I yearn for them to look forward every meeting and I know that I have achieved it. Furthermore, to satisfy my vision with regards to the treatment of their fellow students, I have taught them the concept of racism and discrimination.

I have conducted an activity that will allow them to participate and to talk with their fellow students of different race and tradition. In the long run, the move is a triumph. Everyone in class has already respect each other; bullying a person has disintegrated. Being a teacher, my ultimate goal is to share my knowledge and learning and to transfer and to give to my students my excitement and passion. Teaching profession is indeed self-satisfying. It aids me nourish not just my physical self but also… my soul.

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