Diversity Among Society Essay

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Diversity Among Society

The United States is made up of millions of people that come from different backgrounds, religions and cultures. These differences are what make America the type of place it is today, because without these differences we would be just like every other country in the world. One of the biggest resources that we would have to help find information on Diversity would be the internet and this is mainly because we can find out almost anything that we would need on a certain race or culture.

An article from US Life-U. S Department of State had a quote from former U. S. Secretary of State Colin Powell that states, “America is a nation of nations, made up of people from every land, of every race and practicing every faith. Our diversity is not a source of weakness; it is a source of strength, it is a source of our success. ” That quote alone can explain the true meaning behind the diversity in America and why we are the way we are. Through all the information that I acquired during this course, I have come to a better understanding of my racial and ethnical background.

I have learned that according to the American Community Survey conducted by the U. S. Census Bureau there are roughly over 36 million Americans that claimed there American heritage and that great political figures such as John F. Kennedy had an Irish background. I have also learned that it was never easy for Irish settlers years ago, because in the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s Irish immigrants were considered poor trash and were treated as such. It took many years for the Irish to establish a good name in America and over time people would stop hiding their Irish heritage and proudly display out in the open the love of their background.

It is very hard to tell what the U. S. will look like in the year 2050, because we are constantly changing and we will continue to do this throughout our time. One thing that I can say is that we will have more humans then we know what to do with, because modern medicine is figuring out new ways to help people live longer and stay healthier. As for the demographics in the U. S. go, I would have to say that all raciest will be about equal in population and the white race will no longer be the dominant race.

There will be more diversity in olitics and in the media, because as of right now we have a black president and that is just the beginning of what the future will be like. It’s hard to say if there will ever be any big race wars in America, because in today’s modern world everything seems ok, but no one is ever really sure what lies beneath the surface of individual groups. There could be a great race war that might happen in the future, or everybody will finally start to accept each other and we could live a beautiful existence. The challenge that the United States faces with diversity is that everyone is diverse and the want to be proud and show there true diversity.

The main problem with that is that some other cultures don’t agree with them and they might want them to change their ways, or leave. This has always been a big challenge for the United States, because as time goes on we should be comfortable with diversity and accepting it along with ours, but there always will be certain people out there that will never change and they will make sure that they are heard within any means necessary. On the other side there are many great benefits that Untied States could benefit from with being such a diverse place.

The fact that there are so many different views and opinions in America of the world around them, they could never truly run out of ideas. So many cultures offer such good things to America and they will continue to keeping adding on to that list. In today’s modern society certain individuals still feel the need for racial security and what that means is that someone might still feel more comfortable around their own kind. For example; a white family starts to pack up out of their home and move away from a changing neighborhood.

The family finds a place that is more suitable towards their own security which is an all white suburb. The enroll their kids in an all white school and feel that nothing bad will happen to them. Little do they know is that their son’s new friend from school is a thief and deals drugs throughout the school. As time moves on the family starts to see a change in their child’s behavior, as if he was on some sort of drug, they ignore it, because they are amongst white people are they think that things like that couldn’t happen.

Fast forward a little more and the child is grown up and in jail for armed robbery. The parents are clueless and confuse, because they never thought that it would happen in an all white neighborhood. Now the point to that story is that in order to foster a climate for acceptance we need to understand that not every other race is bad or will corrupt their race; in fact if each race got together and helped one another out with this kind of problem they could share their experiences and find a proper solution for the problem.

The issue with racial profiling in the media is that the reader does not understand what is going on and assumes that a certain situation is a result of that entire race. A perfect example would be the 9/11 tragedy, because after that the media and the people reading the media pretty much made it seem that the situation was a result of all Muslims, when in fact it was only a handful of people that had hateful opinions towards America. The media may not be all bad and include nothing but racial profiling; in fact the media can also showcase the coming together of different races.

The media recognized that we would have a black president and that many different races had voted for him, because they felt that he could do the job right regardless of color or background. If everyone in America could understand the power that we have and this is not because we have missiles or a great army, instead it is because we have so many different cultures that bring many different things to our Nation. We would have the power of America’s spirit on our side and it would be hard to break the spirit and will power of that many different people.

I am also one that sadly shown my negativity towards another race at one time and it might of not been violent, because it was only in my head, but it goes to show that almost everyone in some way and another will or have experienced that and the best way to overcome that barrio is to understand, research and understand another cultures meaning to behind what they do and then an alliance with each other could happen and we could one day become brothers and sisters of the world again.

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