Diversity: Advantages and Challenges

I have learned about Multiculturalism and how important it is, “It dissipates the divisiveness of ignorance, and how it can encourage dialogue between radically different cultures that also have different perspectives”. Black and Native Americans are the two groups that I observed as being subordinate however it was recorded that the earliest African and Native American contact occurred in April 1502 . Prior to learning that I never knew how important multiculturalism was and how it encouraged conversations between different cultures. Cultural Diversity and Stereo typing there are so many diversities within our culture but I can clearly relate to how people of our culture feel when they are treated differently.

It’s been a known fact that blacks were treated differently for many years and now most young black men are stereotyped because of the way they choose to wear their hair. For instance a young black male may not get a job promotion because he wears dreads versus a young white male who is clean cut but they both have what is needed to get the promotion.

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Even though we have come a long ways there is still room for more growth and many changes in the United States.

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African American women will be denied a certain job and considered: ghetto” and things of that nature, whereas as a white woman will get praise for copying African American women’s hairstyles.

Immigration is a major factor in the United States. After reading chapter four I found out there are three known patterns of immigrations in the United States. The number of immigrants has fluctuated over time because of the government policies and changes. Settlement has not been uniform across the country but centered in certain regions and cities. And countries The Immigrant countries of origin have changed over time however I expect there to be many more changes over a period of time. I think that we can reduce prejudice by accepting people for who they are and not judging someone by the color of their skin or where they came from as well as their ethnic culture.

Now that we have had our very first black president I think that if not before the year of 2050 we will also have a female president whether or not she is black or white remains to be seen. The population in the United States will have more than tripled by the year of 2050 and immigrants may very well be welcomed or a well-known ethnic culture in the United States. By the year of 2050 the “Melting pot” will have spilled over due to the many diversities or different cultures coming into the United States or the mixing of the different ethnic groups. With a diverse society it can push us to learn about another culture hands on or give us the push to learn another language.

The United States faced many diversities of its people for instance there were over 800,000 Mexicans that were displaced and forced to move to a smaller place during the Mexican American War. Although it may not have seemed as though there were significant benefits of our society there were definitely some changes within our diverse society which lead to diversity having greater growth as well as social growth within the work force .Having team work helps to build a better work environment as well better working relationships with employees as well as other companies and potentially promotes growth in our society. Cultural diversity is still very much a common everyday factor not only for blacks but Mexicans also face challenges and diversities as well.

Even though many Mexicans have come to the United States for a better life there still has been many difficulties that they have had to face. Many Mexican face the language barrier when coming to America. One of the biggest challenges that the United States faces today is that the president has a great desire to build a wall along the border to keep the Mexicans out of the United States, which in my point of view is senseless. Its senseless due to the fact it seems like the United states is being prejudice and discriminating against the Mexicans, yet we send jobs to Mexico or overseas to be done at a cheaper cost. Why build a wall when we are sending work over to Mexico?

The United States Senate has many different people in place to represent each ethnic culture. The Media also plays a part in helping other cultures by exposing as well as representation of the many different cultures. One well known fact is that Barak Obama was elected the first African American president in 2008, which caused the media to go into a frenzy with great publicity. In recent months, an African American woman has announced that she will be in the running for president of the United States in 2020. This would be an amazing example furthering the diversity in America. Some cultures have their own magazine or newspaper such as the Latinos. Which is the known as the Latino Journal Constitution. The American school system offers free English Language classes for other cultures. Communities in America may be coming more diverse but yet there is still a deep concern about racial and ethnic groups.

In fact racial groups were reserved for minorities and the corresponding majorities whereas ethnic groups were set apart from many others because of their national origin or distinctive culture patterns. Diversity training has been known to take initiative by many companies in order to create awareness of diversity issues in the work place. Diverse issues can bring about cohesiveness in teams. The importance in diverse training is to increase participant’s cultural awareness and knowledge as well as communication. Training such as diverse can benefit any organization by helping to prevent civil rights violations as well as promoting team work although the main goal is to create a positive work environment by helping employees recognize and be tolerant of the many differences among their co-workers. (O. Sara, What is Diversity Training)


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