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Essay on Diversity

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Recruitment and selection process

Part of recruitment process is selection of suitable candidates. Selecting candidates involves two main processes: shortlisting, and assessing applicants to decide who should be made a job offer. It is a crucial stage in the overall recruitment process which is outlined in our recruitment factsheet. It is very important to get it right. ACAS provides a “how to get it right” some of the points ...

Male and Female Students Interpersonal Communication

With this knowledge, the author then decides to use her own classroom for research and breaks up her classroom at Georgetown University into small groups based on their gender and social aptitude. She discovered that when her students were able break apart from the larger arena of the classroom and instead share their ideas with small groups that they were more willing to participate in the discus...

Diversity of Acids, Bases and Natural Indicators

There are other methods of extracting anthocyanin from vegetables. One very common method is boiling the vegetable in distilled water and waiting till boiling starts. The water reacts with the anthocyanin pigment which allows wxperimenters to use this water as the indicator. Anthocyanin presents many vegetables such as beets, berries, cherries, fiji apples, eggplant, grapes etc with the red-purpli...

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Two Million Minutes About Diversity in Education

The reason why there is a big gap between US education academic system with China and India is because US emphasize on maintaining freedoms for the students, and sometimes the freedoms would make people become lazy and slow because there is no pressure or enforcement at all. So China and Indian created an educational system to defeat US students in way of academic progresses and students’ perfor...

Face Negotiation Theory About Diversity

In relation to this, I also learn that the theory can actually help me to enhance my communication process in the future wherein I could try having a more collectivistic face, which will allow me to give more importance to the welfare of the group rather than my individual interests. Moreover, I realized that the relevance of the Face Negotiation Theory has become more vital than ever because our ...

Human Race According to Out of Africa Theory

The other, meanwhile, migrated north, following the Nile River, and crossed into Asia through the Sinai. From there, several members dispersed in various directions, some headed towards Europe while other went east into Asia. It is unclear, however, if Homo sapiens migrated to North America 30,000 years ago, or later around 14,000 years ago. From there on, Homo sapiens gradually and continiously m...

Diversity of Client Server Models

This is something that is not needed in a peer-to-peer network, since there is no centralized server, and each client node is responsible for maintaining itself. Because a client-server based network relies on a central server, each client in the network is reliant on the server to operate. If the server goes down for any reason, the network will not be able to function. To ensure that this doesn...

Summary of Gemstones Diversity

Some gemstones are named because of where they where mined like Tanzanite was mined in Tanzania and the Burma ruby was found in Burma. Some gemstones are named by who first discovered them. Some minerals are given the name that's the same as the gemstones, like the mineral is called diamond and the gemstone is called diamond. Although most minerals have different names then the gemstones. Such as ...

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