Diverse Subjects Essay

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Diverse Subjects

Creativity is an essential dimension of life and it is found at every level of existence. The planets and stars are creative in their own way. Animals are creative in their own way of innovation and adaptation. But what about human beings? Are we creative to find beauty in our lives and add beauty to others’ life? The very essence of formation of human body from a single cell zygote to a multicellular body is the creativity of nature. But the human mind has somehow lost its ability to think of new ideas and change the world.

There is a global institution that is labeling millions of people as failures just because they failed to memorize few facts and figures. This institution is our so called “education system”. The very aim of education is now limited to a classroom with a blackboard packed with forty to fifty students with one elderly person dictating them what they should learn. No music, dance, art or games but just an authority of examination is there to test their intelligence. Number of studies done on young children have shown that children before school were very creative and as they continue with their schooling, their creativity is lost.

The present education system kills creativity, stifles imagination, and destroys curiosity in children- all in the name of learning. Major technology giants facebook, Apple, Microsoft would not have been there if their creators had not dropped out of formal education. The greatest of all minds-Einstein did not bother to memorize his own address or phone number. India had also seen some of the great personalities- Dhirubhai Ambani who proved that even a common man can become a billionaire, M.S.Subramaniam who made Indian self-reliant on food grains, Pandit Ravi Shankar who is the ambassador of Indian music to the world. Such people are not the products of this education system. Had it done so, there would have been millions in number.

We are taught to be a part of a rat-race striving to gain excellence by mugging up theoretical concepts to get a top rank and keep up with the cut-throat competition. That is where the creativity is being slaughtered and excellence is being sacrificed at the altar of expediency. Instead of reducing students to test-taking machines, they should be encouraged to create mistakes so that they can learn to improve upon themselves.

Various initiatives have been taken to encourage Gandhi’s model of education-an education system with human values. Swaraj university is one such example where the youth is equipped with skills to deal creatively with complexity, collapse and change the world. More such reforms should be made. The children should be encouraged to do job of their interest so that they enjoy their work rather than seeing it as an obligation. The education system must be revamped to foster enthusiastic youngsters to keep their creativity and dreams intact.

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