Distance Education Essay

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Distance Education

Distance learning is better than getting a degree through traditional institutions. Distance learning through the use of technology has more advantages than staying in a traditional institution. In distance learning, you would be able to handle your own time. There are more free time for other things like work, family and home. If one is enrolled in distance learning then one should be able to work and pay for the cost of their own study. This advantage is very practical. Aside from working for yourself, you would also be able to work for your family.

If you are already having a family, you would also be able to advance your study without spending too much time in a traditional institution. You would also be able to give them proper attention. In a traditional institution, more time would be spent on the institution, as a consequence, less time for the family or friends. If you are taking care of your children, there is no need to hire help or leave them to anyone just to get into school. In a distance learning set up, you can also avoid the hassle of driving to your school. Instead of spending time on the road, you can do more productive things.

Hence, this is saving more time, money and effort, not to mention gas. Another advantage of a distant learning procedure is being able to be ardent on using technology. It is not a secret that technology is always moving towards something new. You should be keener in keeping abreast of these changes. And in enrolling in a distance learning program, you would be able to understand more about technology and even have hands-on practice. The technology you would be using will keep you updated on the current trend. This develops new skills or updates your other skills.

Since distance learning program is a relatively new concept in education, some of those who are older are more benefited in this type of set-up. If you are not used to being so physically active you can still acquire the skills and knowledge that you want or need in your current positions. You would not be pressured to fitting in your schedules on a, say three times a week class sessions. This can be physically tiring for anyone. But in a distance learning set-up, all you need to do is to be mentally active and open in learning more.

Distance learning students are also, most often, from diverse groups. They are composed of different people from different age group or from different sectors. In this type of set-up, there is going to be more knowledge-sharing. More ideas can be contributed. There will be more experiences shared. You would be able to expand your understanding. Not only would this be advantageous in your learning as a student but in growing as a person as well. After all, education is not only about the facts but also about the wisdom to gain. However, there are still some who lay down these points.

For one, some are concerned that in a distance learning program, there is very minimal interaction. Though, this may be true but, more often, discussions are done online with almost all of the students. Thus, interactions among the students are still present. There are also group activities that are prepared by the teacher, where the students will be required to discuss among themselves and come up with certain outputs. Thus, interaction is present. The only difference is the medium that they are using. Instead of the usual face to face contact, they are using different channels.

In such a set-up, there are also some students who are more comfortable in expressing themselves without face to face interaction. This, in turn, would be able to produce more dynamic results. Second, the people who are not in favor of a distance learning program also points out that such a set-up is too technology dependent. Although, there is some truth to it, it has to be accepted by now that almost everything in the world right now is run by technology. This is part of progress. And the education sector is utilizing this advancement to its advantage. We should partake in such endeavor.

Some would also say that in distance learning, this would be more costly due to the internet connection and the gadgets used. But in the long run, these investments are more profitable than the everyday costs in a traditional institution. Now comparing the advantages and disadvantages of joining a distance learning program and enrolling in a traditional institution, we would be able to identify that a distance learning program is more practical. In terms of time, there will be less travel time, and less weekly schedule. There will be more time for work, for family, for friends and most especially for yourself.

In terms of cost, there will be less cost for gas, and less cost allotted per class session. The investments for your instruments and gadgets are also more profitable. In terms of technology, I would say that it would be better to be abreast than late. If technology is moving forward, then we should stay side by side with it. This will also give us an edge in competing for a job. If you are concerned as to the quality of education one gets from distance learning procedure, there will always be a difference between them. However, these differences are minimal, mostly limited to the lack of personal contact.

Thus, it is nevertheless surpassed by the diversity that is mostly found in students in a distance learning set-up, that would help us grow into a better person as well. At this time, let us consider being practical in terms of time, money, and effort. You should be thinking of the gains you can get. Spend less; more gain is a maxim that will help us carry on in the world where only the fittest survives. With all the benefits of a distance learning set up, you should be able to identify that it is practical, and better than a traditional institution.

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