Distance Education Essay

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Distance Education

We normally take our studies in a structured establishment called classroom located a place called school. Every day, we wake up early, leave our homes, pay for transportation fees and finally reach to our second home, the classroom. As we welcome ourselves in Mindanao State University, we are lucky to meet different kinds of people from different kinds of places. People from Glan, Tacurong, Marbel and all over Mindanao are your schoolmates and classmates. You share experiences with them, telling stories about their place that makes you as if you were once there.

But, what if there are some people who want to study but for some reasons, they cannot go to school, will they be able to study despite their situations they face? Our world is constantly changing and getting more complicated, that is why human beings formulated new innovations and techniques regarding their educational careers. Distance Learning or Distant education is a mode of delivering education and instruction, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom. It is not a face to face interaction just like we do in schools.

There is a quite large distance and time between the learner and the teacher. Typical students who enroll at Distant Education courses are people who are too busy in their careers that they have no time to spend in school. Celebrities like Anne Curtis are a student of Distant Education. Or you can be a student with physical disabilities that you find it hard to go to school. Or maybe the courses offered are available only in far places. There are many possible students of this kind of education. There are many modes of communication in distant learning.

It can through the telephone, letter or the most common type, the internet where you can see each other and contact directly to one another. There are many instructional materials can be used. It can be an audio tool, video, a print, or a softcopy data. There are some advantages of this type of education. First, it’s potential. The opportunities for distance education have exploded along with increased use of the Internet. The original distance education programs used print materials, but the majority of current programs use online software and programs to replicate a classroom setting.

Many degrees are available through distance programs, including high school, college and post-graduate diplomas. There are now distance education options for nearly every career choice, from nursing to accounting. It is also flexible. Distance education provides opportunities for people who may have trouble attending a traditional institution such as stay-at-home moms, people working full time or members of the military. Many online educational programs allow you to work at your own pace, so you can fit your education into your schedule. Also, the cost of distant education is cheaper.

In many cases distance education can be considerably cheaper than attending a traditional college. Not only are the classes cheaper, but you can learn from the comfort of your own home and not have to pay for room and board or transportation. On the other hand, Distant Learning losses interaction with the other students is one of the advantages of it. Distant education is commonly one student in one teacher so only 2 of you are interacting with one another, or sometimes, communication is only one way where only the teacher is active in communicating.

It is not easy to motivate if you are the only one or the only peer in the learning ground. It is also self-paced so it is less motivating. It is quite amazing that humans are able to deliberate this mode of learning. It sounded like cool to me in a sense that it involves or let’s say it is dependent of technology which is an asset when it comes to employment. It gives us an idea that education is truly for all for those who are willing to learn – – busy schedule or disabled, still allot their time and effort for studying. In part of the teachers, it will open new ways of learning and of course, employment and income will increase.

This education will be in- demand especially to foreigners who want to speak in English and many more. When my professor once introduced distant education in the class, I was quite convinced to study in that way. If I learn the mechanics of Distant learning, I someday may become a teacher of distant education. I want to help students who are especially handicapped or something. It is a proof that education will be non-discriminating, and I hope this type of learning will continue to grow as they produce competent students.

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